V Resorts Fort Auwa

A timeless treasure of history…
New Delhi, 5th September 2013: V Resorts Fort Auwa, opens in November 2013 in a quaint district named Pali, nestled beautifully on the banks of the River Bandi, just 35 km from Jodhpur. The Fort is renowned for the 1857 mutiny in Rajasthan that began from Auwa when a variety of Thakurs of Pali region confronted the British. Fort Auwa was surrounded by the British army and the conflict lasted numerous days. A single British officer, Captain Mason was shot dead on the way to Auwa and his head was hung at the fort gate!
Pali is also the land exactly where the Pandavas rested when on exile and sages meditated. The fort is becoming renovated keeping in mind its historical presence so that it seems as a relic of the lengthy-gone period and is there today for the adventurous traveler to discover.
Vaibhav Dayal, Co-Founder of V Resorts said “Such restored forts are couple of in India where you get a glimpse of a bye gone era and you can reside in an ambience which brings to life an epoch thousands of years old. Untouched nature and a wealthy cultural heritage is what tends to make Fort Auwa exclusive and striking.”
The fort has observed a lifetime of wars, the battle scars still visible in bullet ridden walls the fort heralds a history 1000 years old. The architecture of the fort is an unusual mix of pre-Mughal traditional Hindu sculpture with Neo-Colonial, Indo-Saracenic style. The old fort is embellished by decorated surfaces, and horseshoe, pointed, and multi foil arches, spires and minarets in a magnificent manner.
The Fort has 19 rooms offered to guests as effectively as a dining region serving genuine mouth watering Rajasthani cuisine. As you enter the courtyard there is a steeple in the middle and it is surrounded by old historical ruins which give you a fleeting glimpse of times gone by. It offers the discerning traveller an aesthetic peaceful retreat. Produce your personal memories right here, watching the sunrise and sunset on old stone walls celebrate tranquillity in this land marked by history. It really is a magical fairy tale setting and a close to ideal historical location.
Locations of interest close by:
Bangur Museum
It is situated in the Pali city, named following Mr. Bangur, like several other buildings in Pali-Bangur Hospital, Bangur Dharmshala. Many old historical and artistic things like dresses, coins, arms and so forth. are kept here to attract vacationers interested in Rajasthani culture.
Lakhotia Garden
Lakhotia Garden is situated in the heart of Pali city and surrounded by a pond. One particular stunning temple of Lord Shiva is also situated in the middle of the garden.
Somnath Mandir
Historical Somnath Mandir is renowned for its historical background and Shilpart. This Shiva temple is situated in the middle of the city. It was constructed by King of Gujarat Kumarpal Solanki in 1209 or A.D.1152.
There are many Baoris (stepwells) in Pali and every has its personal distinctive design and style and architectural excellence.
Maharana Pratap Smarak
The birthplace of Maharana Pratap, situated close to Somnath temple. He was a loyal king and fought for India’s Independence.