Vacation at Bawe Tropical Island

Being isolated, far away from everything else, Bawe Tropical Island Resort is known as an interesting destination for alluring dreams of tropical island vacation. Tourists will feel simplicity, anonymity and freedom at the stunning resort of this secluded and private island.


Bawe Tropical Island lies on the west coast of Zanzibar Island, 6 miles and a 30-minute boat ride from the Stone Town. It is an exquisite and exclusive bare-foot luxury vacation destination in the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean. The islet is no bigger than a soccer pitch. It is a perfect setting for those escaping on a romantic breakaway, offering silence, beach and bliss not found in our day-to-day world – wherever your world is.


During the late 1800s, this tiny island was an important communications link between Zanzibar Island, Seychelles and South Africa. It is now a benchmark of up-market luxury beach vacation on the East African coast. From its privileged position in the west coast of Zanzibar Archipelago, Bawe Tropical Island is prime sunset location; the stunning spectacle of the sun setting in the clear African sky can be enjoyed from the Sun Deck on the highest and most western side of the island, indulging our senses with exotic cocktails from the bar. A generator is used to produce the electricity and a pipe from Zanzibar Island supplies fresh water. There is no dress code while you are staying at Bawe.


About the Resort Accommodation

The resort has 15 exclusive cottages, built from local and traditional materials. The roofing is thatched, allowing the invigorating sea breeze to circulate and affording the cool atmosphere day and night. The cottages are discretely spaced out along the beachfront allowing panoramic views over the clear waters of the ocean while at the same time ensuring privacy and seclusion. The spacious cottages host magnificent dhow type beds equipped with mosquito nets. The tasteful interiors, known as los colores given their warm combination of soft colours (greens, yellows, oranges and grape fruit) are elegantly decorated. All rooms contain en suite bathrooms, all with double basin, 2 al fresco showers and bathtub.


The exquisite Restaurant features the finest international cuisine as well as traditional Swahili recipes. Delicious grilled fish, daily fresh catches from the surrounding waters, will please the most demanding gourmets. On the “catch of the day” that the local fishermen will bring right up to you when lying on your beach


Recreational Activities at Bawe

Bawe Tropical Island offers breath-taking marine life. For the ones who love under water activities, the waters around the island are an excellent location for snorkeling and diving besides plain good old swimming at the irresistible pool with bar services.


You can also opt to lie on the beach and just relax, enjoying the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and a cold drink from the Robinson Crusoe Bar on the beach. You may also take a boat ride around the islands and enjoy the sea, or a massage as you relax away from the madness of the day-to-day life.


When to Visit Bawe Tropical Island

The climate of Zanzibar varies from warm to hot, though there is always a pleasant fine breeze from the Indian Ocean. The heavy rainfall is from March to end May and further short rains fall in November. The relatively cool, dry period from June to October is particularly pleasant, with average temperatures of 25 degrees centigrade with cool long breezes of the southeast monsoon prevailing.