Various Kinds of Jungle Boots

Jungle boots were first developed and used during the Second World War, when troops were required to go on mission to the tropical forests of Panama. These were boots with rubber soles and canvas top parts. They later transformed into more sturdy footwear with leather incorporations at the toes and heels. This variation came into use during the Vietnam War. They also influenced the creation of desert boots that were popularized during missions undertaken in the twentieth century. In fact, many forces posted in the Middle East have been known to be sent on mission wearing Jungle boots due to the shortage of desert boots.

Jungle boots are extremely useful to soldiers who spend long hours in rough terrains. They are designed in such a way that the wearer does not have any kind of irritation due to regular usage. During the late twentieth century, armed forces started making boots for tropical environments with cheaper material. Rubber insoles and waterproof inner linings were of lower quality, though sustainable through the rough terrains. Be it mud, slush, sand or rocks, these boots could tread on some of the most unpredictable of surfaces. There are several companies that produce boots for the military forces for use in such environments. Some of them have been doing so since the end of the war period. In fact, they have been using the same material and pattern that was used for making such boots during the war. This entails a canvas upper part, nylon or cotton lacing system, and well-ventilated inner lining.

In more recent times, Jungle boots are available in tan suede materials. Some of these versions have waterproof inner lining, suitable for wet, tropical climate. Other versions include boots with vent holes for better air circulation; this version allows for moisture to escape and not be retained, enabling the boots last longer. Materials that require very little upkeep are being used to manufacture Jungle boots for military forces nowadays. With the advances in technology, all spheres of life have got influenced and benefited. Boots are also being manufactured to provide better comfort and stability to the wearer. With technology, a variety of mold and presses can be tested on the boots to enable the best possible output.

Since, jungle boots offer endless benefits, they are ideal to be worn even for outdoor activities. The market, as a matter of fact, is full of boots designed to provide the most suitable material with the use of the most advanced technology. The top brands of shoe manufacturers are venturing into the arena of boots with full gusto, seeing the wide-ranging choices available to offer the consumers. Rapid increase in demand for Jungle boots has also resulted from the growth in the realm of adventure sports and activities. These have triggered the global rise in adoption of exploits in the outdoors. Such forays into adventure have expanded the market demand for gear for the outdoors as well, including boots for rough, rocky, muddy terrains.

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