Various Types Of Hand Towel Dispensers Accommodate Any Restroom Type

Hand towel dispensers that disperse folded towels are used a lot by the food service industry.
Folded towels can be taken out one at a time to dry the hands. This saves on paper waste, which is sanitation issue unto itself.

Fast food restaurants who may not be able to afford automatic dispensers can get the next best thing with an efficient design that minimizes hand touching. Models range from the utilitarian to the fancy in design quality.

Roll towel dispensers are ideal for places where people are in a hurry. They are also ideal for places where people get very wet and need to dry off their arms as well as their hands. Gas station and truck stop bathrooms see people going in and coming out in a hurry before they pull up to the pumps.

Roll towels give them a fast way to dry their hands before getting back to the car. If someone is working under the hood and needs to wash their arms as well as their hands, roll towels give them more paper to dry off with. It goes without saying that a roll towel unit would be ideal for a car wash for the same reasons.

Automatic hand towel dispensers are the most sanitary option to invest in when a facility must minimize pathogen spread with one-touch control. Local stores should buy these units so that their customers do not spread sickness around during flu and cold seasons.

Food stores especially should take this precaution as well because people take children with them to the store, and children are often sniffling when they go to the restroom. Kids also love the infrared jollies of no-touch operation. It fascinates them.

Along similar lines, any distribution center, packing center, or warehouse handling food should use hand-free units to prevent accidentally shrink wrapping germs inside of food packages.

In the medical world, automatic towel dispensing is absolutely necessary to maintain as germ free environment as possible.

Pull down lever controlled hand towel dispensers are the most practical choice for public schools.
Students may be tempted to take more paper towels than they need. The pull down lever control solves this problem by limiting the amount of paper dispensed with each pull down.

The unit also makes a sound, so if a student begins to play with the lever and abuse the device, a teacher in the hallway can and will eventually hear this and take action.

Recessed hand towel dispensers are the ideal blend of space saving and aesthetic decor.
Any hotel, country club, bank building, or high-rise office building that is planned for construction should include recessed dispensers to both save on wall space and make restroom interiors look more sophisticated.

Surface mounted hand towel dispensers are available to contractors renovating any building. Many schools, churches, public buildings, libraries, etc. simply cannot have restroom walls cut because of wiring, proximity to adjacent room, or code restrictions.

Surface mounted units offer the contractor a means of accommodating users in any type of building where recessed models cannot be installed. BOLA TANGKAS