Veganism – A Natural Alternative To Dieting

Research has shown that diets only work 5 – 10% of the time and most dieters regain the weight lost plus more within 5 years. Research has also shown that 59% of those treated for eating disorders reported prolonged periods of dieting as a precipitating event at the onset of the disorder. This being the case, why not explore an alternative to dieting, one that is less taxing on your body? Why not try an alternative that can easily be integrated into your current lifestyle and that won’t cost you a penny more than you already spend? Why not try a natural, yet risk-free alternative? Why not try a vegan diet?

A vegan diet is the best way to lose and maintain your weight as it allows you to eat according to the natural design of the human body. In other words, it allows you to eat more of the foods that the body requires such as whole foods like fruits and vegetables and less of the foods that the body is not naturally designed to consume and that are a want versus a need, such as meats and processed foods that more or less get slowly broken down and stored as fat deposits. Because our bodies are designed to consume fruits and vegetables those foods are broken down easily and the nutrients more efficiently absorbed. On the other hand, processed foods are made primarily of synthetic matter which the body cannot process so it stores it into fat deposits. This is what leads to weight gain. Meat, on the other hand, is not synthetic but it takes a significantly longer time to break down than whole foods. Moreover, meat contains bacteria, antibiotics and toxins that require the body to use a significant amount of it’s energy fighting to defend itself.

Now even in light of all of these facts, Im not suggesting that veganism is by any means a short cut to long-term weight loss. However, unlike fad diets which only offer you short-term solutions to a lifelong issue, veganism is a lifelong journey that has the benefit of lifetime rewards. For starters, it encourages you to focus more on the quality of foods that you eat and less on calorie-counting. It also saves you a significant amount of money that would have otherwise been wasted on over-priced diet plans that have you coming back again and again. We shouldnt be starving ourselves or making diet companies rich. We should be focusing on our own nutritional well-being and using dieting as an opportunity for growth. Trying the vegan approach to weight loss will allow you to do this and more. It will prompt you to start re-writing your story starring the healthy, vibrant, happy you!! So why not give this natural, risk-free alternative a try? BOLA TANGKAS