Veganism And Its Facts

Here is a complete summary of diet questions that is available for those who would like to turn vegan. This is a vegan diet FAQ

Why should I turn vegan?

The way of life of a vegan may be defined as someone who tries in every possible way to remove all the aspects of food FAQ, clothing or any other aspect which may cause directly or indirectly harm to other living beings. When it comes to food it means giving up all kinds of foods like meats, milk from animals, honey, dairy and poultry products and even anything that has been made from their derivatives.

Giving up all of this is a silent protest to all those who mistreat animals and take these products for granted. However many people turn vegan just because it is extremely healthy and also has a very spiritual touch to it according to the diet facts.

Why are free range eggs or normal eggs not to be eaten?

Free range doesn’t actually live up to its name. The chickens rarely ever get to go out. The male chickens have a very short life as they are killed off a day or so after they are born. Whereas the females have to lead tough lives by reproducing fertile eggs all the time.

Normal hens face a fate worse than free range hens. They are kept in god forsaken places in cages which they have to share with at least 8-9 more hens. Since they are confined all the time there are chances of hens developing osteoporosis and dying.

Are there any substitutes for eggs?

There are substitutes for egg and you will not even miss it from your diet as shown by the diet FAQ vegan. The min substitute is called Ener-G egg replacer. It is made from vegan products that give it the same nutritional value as the eggs. It can be used not only in baked foods but an also be used in non baked foods and even quiches. Soft tofu along with some other ingredients too can be made into a replacement for eggs

Should dairy products be avoided?

Dairy cows suffer a very bad fate. They are purposely impregnated every year so that they can have a lot of children. When they do have calves, they are separated. The calves are not even allowed to suckle on the mother’s milk for the most part.

The weakest of the cows will be sent away to be made into veal while the others are fed supplements till they grow old enough to reproduce.

Are the various kinds of soy cheese vegan

There are a couple of soy cheese products which are vegan but when buying soy cheese looking out for an ingredient which says casein which is a dairy product. Also do not make the mistake off buying the product just because it says that it is free of lactose because that still doesn’t mean that its vegan. This what the food FAQ mentions.

Is gelatin bad according to care FAQ?

Do you know how gelatin is made? It is made of bones that are boiled from animals, their tendons and even the animal skins. If you are looking for a substitute try agar.