Vegans Beware, Those Are Hidden Animal Products

Unknown to many vegans, there are many foods lining the vegan food section shelves that are laced with animal remains.  Such foods are usually disguised with words such as organic, all natural, meat-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and a host of other buzz words and catch phrases.  For this reason, if it is your intention to avoid animal products you must be diligent in reading and comprehending ingredient labels.  Taking products at face value will only lead to failure with regards to maintaining a plant-based diet.

For instance, many pastas, baked goods, shortenings, soaps, candies, snack foods, canned goods, beverages, even ground water either contain animal products are undergo processing techniques that use animal remains.  Whether it is animal fat, bones, protein, tissue, or enzymes its all still produced from or by an animal, which is in opposition to a vegan’s goal of avoiding animals and animal-derived products.

So the next time you reach for that can of soup or that loaf of bread be sure to read the label first.  If you see ingredients such as natural flavorings, glycerides (can be plant or animal based), lecithin, pepsin, royal jelly, stearic acid or others put it down.  Choose an alternative that lists ingredients that you recognize and that have fewer ingredients all together.  In this case, less is definitely more.

Marketers are good at what they do and those buzz words are strategically put there to feed into your indolence, take advantage of your oversight, and profit from your ignorance.  So, consequently, not only are you fooled by the Trojan Horse, but you willingly pay the additional few dollars for doing so, making that food producer very wealthy.  That said, isn’t it worth it to take the extra time to read the label and spend your dollars with a company that cared enough to actually tell you what you were being sold?  Better yet, ask yourself who pays the stick up man off for robbing them?