Ventless Heaters – Go Green As Well As Red!

In today’s age where there is high awareness about conservation of the environment, you can now use eco-friendly gas heaters that maximize the heat energy produced. Ventless Heaters have been designed to address this need. Here, the heaters absorb the air within a room and convert almost all of it into heat energy. Since there are no vents, there is no absorption of heat from outside or release of gases into the environment.

Features Of Ventless Heaters:

* Ventless heaters may be freestanding or wall-mounted, gas log or blue flame types, depending on the size of the room and the specifications.
* The fuel used in these heaters may be propane or natural gas.
* The fuel efficiency is maximized as there are no emissions released from the room. This prevents the accompanying loss of heat as well.
* Your costs are reduced both at times of purchase as well as during utilization due to better fuel efficiency.
* It is not harmful to the environment as there are no emissions from the room where gas ventless heaters are installed. Also these heaters do not cause deposits of soot inside the room.
* Natural gas ventless heaters can be used in a single space as opposed to central heating so there is a choice of regulation of temperature in different rooms.
* The heaters can be moved from room to room; portability adds to the convenience and economy of buying a stand alone gas heater.

Vented Vs. Ventless Heaters

* Vented heaters make use of air from outside the room, where the heater is installed, to produce heat within the room, whereas ventless heaters only utilize heat from within the room.
* There is a significant loss of heat along with the release of emissions from the room in vented heaters. Ventless heaters do not allow any heat to escape as there are no emissions.
* Vented heaters are more harmful to the environment as there is exchange of air from inside and outside the room resulting in harmful fumes being released. Ventless heaters do away with this defect since what is produced in the room remains within the room.


* Follow the manufacturer’s instructions minutely.
* Keep the room well-ventilated; it will avoid hazards of suffocation caused by increased carbon-monoxide levels and will also counter the dangers of enhanced humidity levels.
* Also, the costs of maintenance of gas ventless heaters can be significant as the heater may, sometimes, have to be taken to the service shops.

Heaters are a necessity rather than a luxury in many regions due to the sub-zero climates endured by many parts of the world, but what kind of heaters to choose can be confusing. It is true that not all countries have embraced the innovation but there is no doubt about the rise in the popularity of ventless heaters amongst consumers. It is slowly but surely gaining market share thanks to its green (environment friendliness) and red (heat-producing) hues! BOLA TANGKAS