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September 8, Chengdu consumers to Ben Wang Chow reflected recently, he was near Chengdu center Shuinian He bought a small shop Beer , Found the “Venus of pure ice beer Wine “Clearly marked on the product logo is the brand name, and is a national Alcohol And processing Food Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of qualified beer. Chow questioned whether the focus of the SAIC to combat false and illegal food Advertisement ?? Prohibited assume the responsibilities of food inspection agency recommended the occasion of food, beer Venus, “the use of food inspection agency recommended food”, is clearly inappropriate.

Venus wine and beer are still processed foods, the use of national quality supervision and test center examination logo

“I think this beer should be better than similar products, excellent quality, safe to drink. On the one-time purchase of several bottles, take-home drink with friends.” Drinking with friends in the process, Mr. Zhou also recommend this to a friend, “This beer is better, is the brand name, is the national quality inspection agency qualified products.”

Friends to hear, pick up the bottle carefully and identify, “the” Food Safety Law “after the implementation of any organization is the food inspection agency responsibilities shall not be recommended to consumers, it is clearly in violation of the act, and the product should be illegal products.”

Originally wine hospitality, it was a friend challenged a fool of myself, feeling “Venus pure ice beer” has a problem, Chow hearts and thereafter it unpleasant.

Friend politely said, indicating that “Venus beer” is not self-confidence, since it is the Chinese famous brand products, so why should the nominal test pass? Chow

consumers continue to reflect that, “I find the” Food Safety Law, “” Food Safety Law, “second paragraph of Article 54 clearly states: food safety supervision and management department, or take responsibility of food inspection agency, food industry associations, consumer associations or other forms of advertising may not be recommended to consumers of food. “

Ben Wang found that the national liquor and processing of food quality supervision and inspection center is the national food inspection agency, should not be advertising or other forms of recommended foods to consumers. Chow

consumers that the use of Venus as the main Beer Group, in June 1, 2009 should be effective from the implementation of the “The People’s Republic of China Food Safety Act.”

Consumer Chow stressed that the SAIC September 2, 2009 also released “food advertising regulation system”, and clearly defined responsibilities of food advertising regulation: with food safety supervision and management department, or take responsibility of food inspection agency, food industry associations, consumer associations recommend the content of food advertisements are six kinds of false and illegal advertisements of food, are key targets for attack.

Reflect the situation on the consumer, Ben Wang conducted a field survey confirmed that consumers consistent with the facts reflected in the problem. Investigation and verification by Ben Wang, “Venus pure ice beer,” the product specification: Net weight 480ml,, production date: April 21, 2009 19:40:56 B,, in its product label clearly marked with Chinese brands and national alcohol and processed food quality supervision test center examination.

The same time, Ben Wang investigate and verify the find, “Venus pure ice beer,” using the B bottle in 2005, “Venus B ice pure beer bottle,” there is the issue of extended use of beer bottles.

End, Ben Wang and the “Venus of pure ice beer” enterprise service contact, phone has no answer.

Consumer Chow said angrily, “I would like to Business Report.”

Net will look into the matter.

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Recently, AQSIQ issued a beer bottle on the product quality supervision and spot check reports, a total sample of 65 kinds of products, product sampling compliance rate was 86.2%, and 3 batches of beer bottles failure, poor quality . One well-known beer company in Henan Jinxing Beer Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary??? Chengdu Jinxing Beer Co., for the production of JX580ml green beer bottles (Lot :2007-04-13) due to power failure and top the popular list abrasion.

Past few days, several phone calls Ben Wang Jinxing Beer Co., Ltd. Chengdu, did anyone answer the phone. It is understood that the Guangdong region is Sell Venus Venus Beer Co., Ltd Zhongshan beer are produced.

It is understood that the sample according to GB4544-1996 “beer bottles” and other national standards for testing, including indicators of physical and chemical indicators and signs. Had taken in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Sichuan, Shaanxi and other 21 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities 65 production of 65 types of products (not related to exports). Check the product showed the overall pass rate of 86.2% sample, which marked the target projects are all qualified, part of the product physical and chemical indicators of the impact and pressure resistance program is unqualified.

According to experts explain relatively poor impact resistance of beer bottles and cans of beer, there have been some kind of external force may occur . The beer bottle up resistance to internal pressure less than the national standard requirements, in the production, transport and use of the process, because of an explosion caused minor collisions may also occur blew. BOLA TANGKAS