Vertical Blinds – Styles And Fabrics

Very often when someone is designing their home they have something they absolutely must have in their room but cannot find a place to put it or a practical way of incorporating it into their overall plan. Vertical blinds are an amazing way to add a dash of designer flair if you use your creative juices.

A homemaker may wish to incorporate suede in to their design scheme but feel that it might be impractical for the settee, inappropriate for the curtains, unwise for the cushion covers and out of the question as a table or floor covering, yet they have set their heart on having it in there somewhere. Vertical blinds to the rescue!

They can provide all the functionality of curtains or other types of blinds, while offering a contemporary look that is softened by the tactile quality of suede and the mixture of a natural feeling fabric contained within an engineered frame that has more to do with maths and geometry than bark and greenery that is normally associated with ‘natural’ products works surprisingly well. The color of suede can either coordinate or contrast with other items in the room to compliment or accent other colors in your scheme. Whether placed beside an angular or geometric shaped chrome lamp or a terracotta pot containing a frond-leafed fern, suede vertical blinds can pull off the look.

In a stylish, traditional lounge with plush carpet and rugs, swags and bows in abundance, sumptuous, plump silk-covered, tassel finished feather cushions and antiques strategically placed about the room with porcelain figurines and silver framed photographs atop a mahogany baby grand piano, full length cream or white jacquard pattern vertical blinds would not be out of place but would add to the opulence of the room and the ambiance of the space if accompanied by drapes either side of the window.

Short sill length vertical blinds with a wipeable finish would be ideal in a bathroom where condensation could make other fabrics grubby or out of shape. In this environment a clean sanitary and hygienic look could be achieved with vertical blinds either in white or a color that suits the suite, the wall covering or the tiles used and would tie it all together and still provide the privacy especially required in a bathroom.

What makes vertical blinds such good value for money is that they are relatively inexpensive and the fact that if an accident happens that can’t be fixed by cleaning it doesn’t have to be a disaster – a replacement slat [very easily fixed into position] will bring the set back up to standard and retain the look you have sought without breaking the bank. Different fabrics and finishes offer a great variety of possibilities and once you introduce colour combining and layering with drapes in to the equation there are multiple permutations for the design you can adopt to make your window dressing unique and personal, quite unlike anybody else’s either on the street in which you live or the store in which they are displayed.