Very Short Skirts and Stockings

Very short skirts and a pair of silky stockings go together like ham and cheese. The finer the stockings are and a colour to compliment the colour of the skirt rather than to detract or clash with it makes the clothing combination even more attractive.

A word of warning here though: If you are going to wear a very short skirt to show of a pair of dazzlingly fine stockings, it is not a good idea to wear a blouse or T-shirt with a low décolletage because it can end up making you look ‘cheap’.

Dressing well means you don’t have to show off everything you have as it’s best to keep some in reserve and keeps the opposite sex guessing. Sometimes folks, imaginations are just that much better than reality.

When wearing a very short skirt, you need to be aware all the time of how you sit or how you get into or out of a car. Unfortunately if you are more used to wearing jeans you need to get into a car differently to the way you can flounce in when wearing a pair of jeans.

When wearing a very short skirt with stockings, you need to sit your rear end carefully into the car seat first and then gracefully swing your legs inside together. Otherwise you end up showing more than you bargained for or splitting your nice silky stockings in the crutch. And quite frankly, they are far too expensive to just ruin through something as simple as sitting into a car carefully. Besides, it does look a lot more lady-like.

The Queen or Princess Di learnt how to get into and out of a vehicle with care and grace so if you study their movements you won’t go wrong. Old fashioned? Maybe ~ but it does show care for your clothes and a respect for those around you. Good manners need to go with good grooming and very short skirts can bring out the best in a girl.