Vibram Five Fingers – Almost run – barefoot is a growing trend


Joplin, Missouri • The Kelly blotting paper is then transmitted by listening to Landreth Park, one of the most obvious differences between the traces. Or not, actually. Vibram FiveFingers shake his running shoes as a pair of thin gloves and feet do not let the heavy clomp, often accompanied by more traditional players to wear shoes. This is mainly because only a few millimeters of rubber between the sole of his feet on their way.

“They already have a fully running on my major change,” the Vibram shoes, laptop, said he had two pair. “To me, the most important thing is the heel. The use of traditional shoes I have a race large-scale strike terrible heel. Now my heel is almost gone. “

Blotting as athlete’s foot shoes to fit more naturally into the terrain. They also help the body adapt, rather than requiring a blow to the heel of the foot to run the ball. Eric Bartlett, running Joplin running shoe store owner, he said, he saw the barefoot running interest in the growing trend in recent years, although this is not a new concept. A lot of new interest, he said, has resulted in a 2009 book “Born to Run:. A tribe hidden Superathletes, the greatest event the world has ever seen” by Christopher writing McDougall, the book focuses on members of Indian tribes in Mexico, which is that running shoes thin or not, sandals, long distance, and without any risk to the common drive.

Laptop – which has for 14 years – which is his book, in the simplicity of the shoes are interested in missions. According to the site Vibram, the footwear industry is one of the main objectives “to encourage forefoot striking, which means you’ll be the first forefoot contacts the ground, then make your feet and calves Arriving at your heels. This style is running and walking safer and less likely to cause harm, is the energy position of the biomechanics of the distribution of sound and power. ” The word “may” is a word in that last sentence, though. Mick Ward, rehabilitation services and director of sports medicine Freeman Health System, said the footwear sector is still a little A novel, behind the “science of marketing that” at this point.

However, Ward said, the shoe manufacturer is similar to running barefoot requires a lot of practical advantages. “Running barefoot in the grass surface is flat with excellent training,” he said. “Therefore, the theory is the same. If you land arc and bend knees slightly, the strength of its distribution in the arcade Your feet. “


He said that research shows that the impact of excessive heel by the kinetic chain can – from ankle to knee to hip. Put more power through joint, or even slow down In the second place. With athletes and coaches working in the region, “Ward said, buffering and high-tech modern running shoes could cause the assembly, training and more lasting than in the past For. Running barefoot or doing some forward help to strengthen and improve our feet to run, he said.


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