Video Duplication – Share Your Memories or Your Organization

No matter whether you want to share the birth of a youngster with your extended family members, or your business atmosphere and philosophy with international client prospects, Video Duplication offers you the capacity to replicate your encounter or expertise for your neighbor down the street, or for a prospective investor twelve time zones away.

At one particular time, of course, video tape was the acme of occasion capturing media. That time was not as extended ago as it might look. To paraphrase the old saying, the rumors of the video tape’s death are extremely exaggerated. Millions of video tape-players are still a staple in households and businesses across America. It is estimated that, whilst the recognition of CD’s and DVD’s continues to expand, in North America alone almost 95% of all residences have a VHS player. Also to be regarded is that truth that numerous countries are not but up to speed with respect to the use of digital media. Even if you, or your firm have gone completely digital, appear in that entertainment center, or company resource library, and you will be shocked at what you uncover. Some, if not all of that content is valuable and irreplaceable. That becoming the case, in all likelihood there is details contained on these tapes which you will want or need to share with other folks, and Video Duplication is the answer.

When considering Video Duplication, format is a considerable concern. More than the years, and based on your location, the tapes might take the type of 1/2′” videocassettes, such as VHS or Betamax, or ¾” videocassettes, such as U-Matic. In addition, there are the following formats to take into account: 1″, Betacam SP, Digital Betacam, DVC Pro, 3/4″, mini DV, Digital 8mm, Hi 8mm, 8mm, S-VHS and VHS-C. Another concern concerning Video Duplication is which of the 4 international video requirements, (NTSC, PAL, PAL-M and SECAM), you are dealing with. While these requirements are incompatible with each and every other at the outset, appropriate Video Duplication can adjust for these variations, providing you with a converted final version that makes it possible for your content material to played worldwide. From a personal standpoint, you may possibly have quite a few boxes or tin cans filled with older film records, such as typical 8mm, Super 8mm, or 16mm film that you want transferred to video.

Video Duplication is just the beginning. Tapes can be modified or edited to contain background music or titles, and they can also be spliced with each other into longer, custom lengths. Formats can be mixed. Quickly, higher high quality Video Duplication is vital in the enterprise, advertising and promotional arenas, as video is nonetheless in widespread use. Compatibility is your aim, as your buyer won’t watch your presentation if they don’t have the capacity to play it

Whilst your Video Duplication provider is not responsible for the quality of submitted film or tape, and the quality of transferred pictures depends, to a huge degree on the good quality of the submitted media, it is feasible, taking your price range into account, to enhance the high quality of the completed product.

You may possibly, of course, have digital media that you want to duplicate or replicate. Duplication is identical to “burning” CD’s or DVD’s on your property pc. “Replication” is like “cookie cutting.” A glass master, (the “cookie cutter”), is produced from the media you supply, and then employed to press the details onto replica discs. This procedure is generally utilised to make high volume orders far more cost successful.

Lastly, your completed product can be personalized by means of the use of specialized discs and packaging. The dazzle of your presentation can be enhanced by the use of colored discs, disc inkjet complete color printing or black thermal printing. In packaging your media, superior top quality silk-screen and offset printing and packaging are obtainable. You might also want to look into the use of custom printed card sleeves, labels, and plastic case cover inserts.

So, no matter whether your Video Duplication needs are private or skilled low or higher volume tape to tape, or tape to video, there is a remedy to your specific circumstance.
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