Video Ipod Compared To Ipod Nano

If you are utilized to the older iPod nano you could possibly be questioning whether the new video iPod is worth the upgrade.

What’s the distinction? Is it actually worth the promoting value? OK, it can screen videos, but what sort of videos can it show and are films genuinely worth watching on such a tiny screen?

Let’s take a rapid appear at what is expected and what is revolutionary in the new video iPod.

* New Look, New Package

The new iPod no longer comes in the conventional cube packaging. Rather, it comes in a box that is very equivalent to that of the nano – a slim black box with photographs of the iPod on the front, back, and sides. When you open the box, you’ll find the iPod itself inside. Never be alarmed by the apparent absence of accessories.

* Accessories!

In addition to the unit, the box also contains a software disc, Apple stickers, a USB dock connector cable, a universal dock adapter, headphones, headphone covers, and a thin iPod case. Unlike the older models, you’ll notice that absent are the dock, remote, wall chargers, and AV cables, all of which you can buy seperately or bundled with your new iPod at an Apple Retailer. If all that you happen to be interested in with the new iPod is the video output, then the AV cables are essential. You can find them for around $ 20 on the web or at a normal shopfront.

* Larger Screen, Much better Viewing

Look-sensible, what exactly has altered in this new model iPod? Your very first response would possibly be that the iPod somehow looks larger. In reality, nevertheless, the only physical update (apart from the model getting considerably slimmer than the 4G) you are going to discover is that the LCD is larger. From the preceding two” LCD, they’ve upgraded it to two.5″ LCD – a marginal difference, so-to-speak, but the difference is marvelous.

The scroll wheel of the new iPod has also been lowered from the old model’s 41.67mm across to a mere 38.10mm. The face material of this new iPod is dual layered with a clear resin on best of white plastic, possibly to avert the LCD from harm and tends to make for a clearer-looking screen.

* Oh No! Where’s the Headphone Jack?

If you cannot uncover the headphone jack at very first, never fret. They’ve moved the headphone jack so that it is now positioned opposite the hold switch. One alter that has triggered a lot of commotion from extended-time Mac users is the lack of Firewire support on these new iPod models. The technical specifications is silent on this, except that it demands a USB port to use it.

* Video and Tv on the Go

Physical updates aside, the greatest feature of this new iPod model is that it now plays video. What technologically revolutionary point is Steve Jobs up to now? Does this new iPod do anything revolutionary with video playback to place PSP and other equivalent devices to shame?

Properly, not exactly. The new iPod plays videos, and that is about it. There is practically nothing remotely radical about the way it plays video. Ah, but when you take the ease of use of obtaining videos onto these transportable devices into account, that’s exactly where the new Video iPod genuinely shines!

For all of PSP’s widescreen glory, you cannot however output that video to an outdoors display. The new iPod nonetheless makes video output look like the simplest point to do. What is a lot more, you can even hook up your iPod to your Pc, open the Apple video store, and upload final night’s chapter of your favourite Television show with a single or two clicks of your mouse. It really is that straightforward!

For the new video content material, there is a new Videos menu offered on the iPod, and below that are choices for “Video playlists”, “Music Videos”, “Movies”, “Tv Shows”, “Video Podcasts”.

As one more plus to this nifty device, Apple has produced the interface for playing films very comparable to playing music. Just click the middle wheel once and you control the volume with the scroll wheel. Click it a second time and you are browsing your way by means of video.

* Battery Life, Scratching Circumstance, and Other Stuff

Apple advertised 14 hours of battery life for the 30 GB model. That is for music, of course – that, and offered that you play your music at about 1/four volume!

At 3/4 volume, the new iPod can be trusted to play for six hours straight with out any issues ahead of it gets into the ‘red’ colored section of the battery indicator. That’s far from what has been advertised, but for most folk, that appears to be adequate. For what it is worth, the 60 GB model is rated by Apple for 20 hours of life (that is three hours worth of video playback).

* Other Innovative Characteristics

Functions that we’ve only observed for the 1st time with the nano can also be seen in this new Video iPod, which is undoubtedly up to speed with the nano in terms of applications. What is much more, the new attributes are even better looking on bigger screen.

The Video iPod has a screen lock, anything for those of us who are reluctant to shop our whole schedule and/or address book where any individual could steal a peak. The screen lock makes it possible for you to develop a 4-combination code that you use like a PIN.

The second new application of the Video iPod is the ‘world clock’. This function enables you to define many distinct time zones that like to monitor. You can also have their date and time displayed along with a graphical depiction of an analog clock listed on the screen. This is wonderful for those people who travel a lot or just want to remain connected with the rest of the globe.

Lastly, there’s a stopwatch – probably the final point you would have thought require to be added, but it could be handy although you’re timing your workout on the treadmill whilst watching your favourite Television serial, and it’s hard to think about something else that could have been added!
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