Video Marketing – More Sales and Conversions

Video is huge, if you have been on the internet in the last 2 years, you most likely have seen first hand the rise of popularity of video on many sites. Not only the rise in popularity, but also the start of many new sites.  There are hundreds of sites that are dedicated to nothing but user added videos.  If you are business person or simply represent a business, you must know that if you are not making videos on the internet today, you are missing out on one of the most popular and effective methods of online advertising.

You can use video to show off a new product or service, or even show off the results that your customers are receiving.  Both are powerful methods of persuasion to a new or potential client.  Many of the experts suggest that the best way to utilize online video is to “give it away”, simply meaning that you should give the video away and that the video should have some value.   If a new client or potential customer can gain knowledge or some information that they see as valuable for free, they are much more likely to buy from you down the road, because they now have “Value” attached to your company name in their mind.
In the past we have tried to design our web sites so that a potential buyer could find the information they needed easily and make the path to the next step as straight forward as possible, you the KISS theory (Keep It Simple Stupid).  But now with video these problems are mostly worked our automatically.  We can point out what we have to offer and how to get it, the user has to do nothing but sit there and watch. This is a great medium for us to motivate a buyer or even walk a new person through the steps they need to take to get involved with your business.
The only problem with using video to convey your business proposal or message is that unlike text on a web page it cannot be translated.  If you have a web page sales letter, anybody in the world can change the browser language settings to translate the web page.  If somebody in China who only speaks Mandarin runs across a video in English, they simply cannot understand your message.  This is something that you should keep in mind and always make sure that your video description is concise and includes a link back to the appropriate web site so anybody can get the whole message if they are interested.
Unlike other media on the internet, videos are easy and effective if spread across the internet on many sites.  We all know that the old SEO experts tell you that duplicate content is no good, well the game has changed and with video duplicate content can help you in most any case. The multiplication of exposure only helps and also gives you a “brand awareness” that you cannot buy!
So moving forward, I highly recommend you take the time to promote yourself or your business using videos and if you need any help with finding out where to syndicate and promote your video series don’t be afraid to contact me directly.  I am always willing to help where I can.

To Success,

Nick Simpson