Vietnam Travel Makes For Truly Enjoyable Experiences

Reports from the World Tourism Organization indicate that Vietnam is fourth on the list of countries that have experienced an increased number of tourists in recent years; the number of visitors arriving in Vietnam has been increasing at a steady 20% year after year. If these statistics are anything to go by, it is no wonder that Vietnam travel is becoming more and more popular and that the country is proving to be an irresistible destination for tourists from across the globe.
There is so much to see on a Vietnam travel tour starting with the city of Hanoi. This is an ancient and serene city that is also replete with the bustles and vitality of modern metropolises. The beauty of Hanoi is captured in its brilliant colours and the peoples charm and passion. The gastronomy available here is also very much worth sampling.
An event that shouldnt be missed whenever possible is the celebration of the Lunar New Year, locally known as Tet. As this festival approaches streets are adorned with unique decorations and traditional foods are aplenty. This is the occasion where locals take time to make supplications to the gods, nature and spirits, as well as to visit relatives and friends, in addition to paying homage to their ancestors.
While on your Vietnam travel you should really make a point of visiting Halong Bay which is in the northern province of Quang Ninh. This location is an amazing spectacle of nature whose beauty obliged UNESCO to twice recognize it as a world natural heritage site in 1994 and 2000. This year, Halong Bay is set to be added to the list of the New Seven Wonders of the World and voting is currently ongoing.
The tourism industry in Vietnam has in recent times been adopting a new policy that is aimed at infusing a culture of responsible tourism in as far as respecting the local cultures, biodiversity and ecosystems found in and around tour destinations. This policy was informed by the need of tourists to know that the money they spend on their tours went a long way in improving the lives of local people. Responsible Vietnam travel is certainly an experience you wouldnt want to pass up. BOLA TANGKAS