Vintage Skinny Ties – A Girl’s Best Friend

Women love accessories, sometimes more than the clothing they are meant to match up with. There are the usual suspects: handbags, scarves, belts and jewelry. On the surface, vintage skinny ties may not seem to have a lot to offer, but as a woman, I can attest to the fact that they are yet another stylish way to express one’s personality. Their ideal size and unique designs make them a must have accessory.
Skinny Ties are the Perfect Size
A lot of women love to wear ties. Skinny ties are all the rage today, so when they get a hold of their dad’s, boyfriend’s or husband’s necktie to try it on for size, women like the way they look. Even when slim ties are no longer targeted in the ads of men’s magazines, they will remain an ideal accessory for women.  For one thing, as with men of smaller stature, they fit the frame of women really well because they are narrow. On the downside, today’s skinny ties are the same length as standard width ties; around 55 inches give or take 3 inches in each direction. They are made for men, who are generally taller than women. Designers suggest that skinny ties be worn no higher than 3 inches above the belt line, and it is best that they sit at or directly above the waist line. Women who try modern men’s ties quickly realize that they are too long. On the other hand, vintage skinny neck ties are shorter. They were manufactured at a time when little thought was given to accommodate big and tall men. Many are 49 to 53 inches long. They are the perfect shape and size for women.
Skinny Ties Have Small Knots
One thing that both men and women love about skinny ties is the small knots. The last thing they want is a skinny tie and a large knot, which does not match the slender nature of the tie. A large knot would bring about the wrong type of attention and would not match the overall look of the tie. Skinny ties are made of less fabric. They already start out narrower at the tip and taper as all ties do. Less fabric translates to a smaller knot. Also, choosing the right type of knot to tie the tie with helps. Stay away from the Windsor knot in favor of the Four-In-Hand knot. That should do the trick.
Unique Patterns and Novelty Themes
Accessories can stand out or blend it. They are also meant to reflect the personality of the person wearing them. Either way, vintage skinny ties are a great way to share one’s interests with the rest of the world. One of the nice things about accessories is that they can offer subtle insight about the person wearing them. Think about a t-shirt with a large depiction of Mickey Mouse. Now think of a Mickey Mouse watch or a small Mickey Mouse logo tastefully located near the tip of a skinny 80’s era vintage tie. Some ties have a repeating pattern of Mickey Mouse and would look great when worn as belts. Furthermore, because these ties are vintage, the designs found on them are unique, which really appeals to women who like to express their individual sense of style.
In conclusion, vintage skinny ties are versatile accessories which have much to offer. They can be fun, stylish, and sophisticated, most anything a person wants them to be. Their length and width are ideal for women and their unusual designs add just the right amount of flair and finishing touch to an outfit. Try one today!