Vintage Vacuums – What is the Deal Here?

Do you want to start collecting vintage vacuums? Do you know why? Their just going to fill up space, if you have any, and then there is that musty old dust smell that makes most people sneeze until their head explodes. Why do we do this? I think it’s because that smell and the whining sound of the antique vacuum gives us a little taste of history with a step into the past.

If you want to trigger a fond memory from your past, that “smell” may be just what you need to stir those memories. Who doesn’t enjoy reminiscing about the “olden days?” Just imagine the flood of memories once you flick the switch from an old vacuum cleaner your mother use to run and I’m sure a smile will appear.

Believe it or not, there are more collectors than just you and me. Vacuum Clean Collectors’ Club News is a terrific place for our hobby.” You can visit them but get ready for information overload. There are actual meetings for us vintage vacuum hobbyists and so the social aspect of collection is just another great reason to be a vacuum collector. It is so interesting to locate others that share you passion for collecting vacuums, yes, there are more of us?

Another great reason for collecting these sucking beasts is the incredible museums from around the world. Next time you’re planning a vacation, do some research and you’ll be surprised at the choices you have. There is an over abundance of vintage vacuum cleaners when it comes to styles, colors and makes so there will always be something new to peak your curiosity.

And then there is the mechanical aspect of old broken down vacs that just seem to beckon us with the pleas of, “FIX ME, FIX ME!” I mean, who can resist the urge to resuscitate what seems to have been a long forgotten mechanical friend that once worked so hard for us. Awww, listen to me, getting all sentimental about a vintage vacuum. What can I say; a vintage vacuum can be related to an old friend, finding one can be a real plus to your day. Yikes!!

The main reason to collect is just for the sheer joy of it, albeit a strange and interesting hobby. I’m sure there are even stranger ones out there in the collector’s world. Can you imagine collecting vintage vacuum cleaners and turning it into an income generating business. Whatever you do, just have fun with it as you never know when that golden treasure will appear.