Vinyl Liner Pools and Paving Replacement

It’s very possible that a homeowner may have a vinyl liner pool that is in perfectly good condition but wants to change the pool paving and also add some beautiful pool coping. Pool coping is the border at the pool edge. No longer is plastic the only choice. Although it is a vinyl pool and not concrete, the pool coping may be cantilevered concrete, brick, pavers, travertine pavers, or natural stone such as bluestone.

The existing paving may be old concrete which is cracked or an update might be desired. It might be another material which has seen its day. Perhaps a larger entertaining area is needed. At any rate, I am referring to a situation where not only the paving be replaced, but also the pool coping.

Is this a problem?

I can’t say for all vinyl liner pools. However, I do have experience with one manufacturer.

In this particular case, the pool had a plastic edge coping. My concern was what would happen to the structure of the pool, once the plastic edging of the pool was removed.

The pool walls from this company are constructed of either polymer or steel. There is reason to believe, but not guaranteed, that once the plastic edging is removed, the walls would remain structurally sound.

The problem, however, would be the liner. Once the edging is removed, it is likely that the liner would not stay in place, and therefore have to be replaced. A pool contractor that I work with quoted the liner replacement cost for a project such as this to be $ 6000.00.

If you are going through the trouble and expense of replacing pool paving, it is a judgment call as to whether this additional cost would be worth it.

There is another option also, if you are going this far. It is more than likely, that your pool has white, vinyl steps on the outside of the pool. You may, if you like, replace these steps with concrete steps and cover them with the new pool liner. This is an attractive idea. It creates a unified looking pool without the protrusion of white steps. BOLA TANGKAS