Visit Brazil “?” Nature’s Own Playground

Brazil, the biggest country in South America, is known the world over as one of the most exotic places to go for a vacation. Geographically, it borders every country on the continent except Ecuador and Chile. There’s a lot to look forward to in Brazil the great Amazon, splendid beaches, Carnivals et all.

Let’s start from the place that’s most famous in Brazil, the Amazon forests. True, there are no air-conditioned shopping malls or speciality restaurants that offer sumptuous delicacies, but the world’s largest forest houses a world of its own that is unlike anything you have seen before. Just by listening to the chanting of the monkeys and the croaking of the toads, one can feel closer to nature, to say nothing of the lush green flora and fauna that is present in every inch of this natural paradise. The heart of the Amazon, Manaus, is located 1600 kms upstream from the river’s mouth. Mostly, tourists reside here for 3-4 days and their itineraries include visits to the ecological park and the giant water lilies, canoeing in the river and other lakes, as well as swimming, fishing, trekking and visiting the caboclos settlements.

Next up, the Iguassa Falls, the largest is the world, are located in the southern region of Brazil at the river of the same name, 650 kms from the coast. The Falls are situated close to the place where the Iguassa and Parana rivers meet. Comparing the Niagara Falls to this aquatic spectacle is like trying to compare a bath tub to a sea, the former just does not match up in any manner whatsoever. The nearby forest is home to hundreds of butterfly species, and has a visual treat in the form of rainbows that seem to be permanently stuck to the sky, owing to the mist and foam caused from the Falls.

Coming to the beaches, the most famous city for the same is Rio de Janerio, including the mythical Ipanema and Copacabana. However, these don’t hold the distinction of being the best Brazilian beaches, that have warm temperature, marvelous fishing villages and reserved tropical resorts, not to forget the eco-destinations. The combination of Rio’s beaches with its breathtaking landscapes and nightlife makes for a very potent offering for the tourists to enjoy all year long. Such beaches are also interspersed along the Northeast Coast, some of them being Porto Seguro, Maceio, Salvador da Bahia, Natal, Porto Galinhas and Ilheus.

The last major attraction of Brazil is the world’s largest wetland, Pantanal. Located 2360 kms from Manaus, it resembles an African Savannah, but also shares something common with the Amazon, its vast collection, so to speak, of animal and bird life. Pantanal is twice the size of England, and spans an area of 140,000 square kms., and is the world’s largest freshwater wetland, with a network of rivers, lakes and select land routes. It is home to 260 species of fish, 650 species of birds, numerous unknown species of butterflies, anacondas, caimans (South American crocodiles), tapirs (the largest mammal of South America), peccaries, giant anteaters, ocelots, giant otters, jaguars, pumas, armadillos, and many more exotic animals. Truly, this is one place that is a nature lover’s dream come true! And while you are on this exotic trip, do remember to stay in touch 24X7 with your near and dear ones using Matrix, an international calling card that provides fantastic service at really affordable rates for calling any destination around the world. BOLA TANGKAS