Visit Denpasar and reserve some moments to be tagged ‘memorable’

Indonesia is always known for its amazing family environment! Denpasar also follows the same tradition. It is a wonderful place to chill out with kids and have a good time with your spouse. Basically a small city bustling with activity, shopping and sight-seeing, Denpasar is the ultimate tourist place if you are looking for a peaceful time without much to do around! Here are the few things to do in Denpasar that would keep you engaged for almost 4-5 days.

Things to do in Denpasar

The most popular activity that you can do here is sight-seeing. The city has a rich heritage. Its museums, landmarks and scenic attractions are powerful enough to keep you spell bound! Among the famous temples, religious places and landmarks are Alun-Alun Puputan, Lapangan Puputan Margarana, Pura Agung Jagatnata, Pura Maospahit, Sidik Jari Museum, Taman Wedhi Budaya Cultural Centre and the Taman Budaya. All these places would give you a vivid idea about the culture of the country. The Bali Museum would add a feather to the hat. The point here to remember is that you would require a substantial period of time to complete a detailed visit of each of these places.

Marine life here is amazing. Hence there are facilities for diving and exploring the under-water life at its best. Nusa Penida serves the purpose in the best manner! The Bali Orchid garden is another major attraction here. The Bali Festival is an even that attracts maximum number of tourists every year. It is a rare cocktail of culture, music, entertainment and sports! Plan your visit to Denpasar keeping the beauty of this festival in mind! If you have kids along with you, things to do in Denpasar must also include a brief visit to the Circus Waterpark Bali.

Hotels in Denpasar

Night’s stay at Denpasar is not at all a problem. There are both luxury s well as budget hotels in Denpasar! The Aston Denpasar Hotel and the Genesis Hotel & Spa are examples of sheer opulence here. For those who are a bit more cautious about their pockets, there are great mid-range and budget hotels in Denpasar! Examples are Adi Yasa Hotel, Inna Bali Inn, POP Hotel and the Merta Sari Hotel. For those who want more than just a stay here, and are expecting a bit of royal culture along with it must reserve a stay at Alam Puri Art Museum and Resort! It is just an astounding piece of property and deserves a lavish roll to be spent on it!