Visit The Costa Rica Spanish School

In today’s world it is vital to speak more than one language. Here is an opportunity to learn Spanish, get some exercise for the body and mind through yoga, and just plain enjoy yourself, in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The Costa Rica Spanish School will bring all this to you at an affordable price.

Costa Rica, in Central America is very peaceful, as are its people who are one of the most friendly in the world. You will see panoramic views of mountains, the ocean and beautiful sandy beaches. Think of it, the Costa Rica Spanish School is located in this paradise. Costa Rica spans two oceans, with its best beaches for surfing, and many miles of them, on the Pacific side. The Costa Rica Spanish School will combine the beauty and tranquility of the country along with yoga and if you prefer a little surfing to teach you Spanish and an appreciation of this beautiful culture.

The Costa Rica Spanish School will have wonderful meals and great accommodations waiting for you, a group of friends, or for the entire family. We have all the facilities and amenities you will require. If you would like to take in sights a bit inland we will be happy to arrange tours of the capital San Jose, a small but beautiful city portraying the criollo culture. Its nightlife is great and its meals are excellent and inexpensive. You will simply love the Costa Rican Cuisine. The dollar goes a long way in Costa Rica. A ride aboard the jungle train can be arranged by the staff of the Costa Rica Spanish School. While here don’t forget to visit an active volcano called Irazu. You can walk to the very edge of this spectacular volcano. On a clear day you can see practically the whole country. You will get to see a large part of the country since Costa Rica is not large.

The Costa Rica Spanish School with its expert staff wants this to be the best vacation of your life. Many of our customers are return customers. Many others have come from strong recommendations from others who have enjoyed our Costa Rica Spanish School. When you return from this trip you will not be tired and in need of another vacation. Our activities are well-planned and interesting, revolving around yoga, surfing, learning Spanish and any other desire you wish to add to the list. No request is out of the question.

The Costa Rica Spanish School is a novel idea to give you a vacation that is different, healthy, educational and affordable. The Costa Rica Spanish School would love to give you the vacation you deserve. Consider us and we will take care of all the arrangements.