Visiting Pembrokeshire, Wales: The Country’s Pride of Endless Adventures

Every time you plan a holiday vacation, of course it would come to your mind as to how to get the most out of your trip. One simple way of doing so is to know all the popular attractions of the place you are planning to visit. Doing this can help you make a good plan of activities on a daily basis. For those who longing for a short break in Wales, Pembrokeshire is the most ideal destination. With tourism as its major industry, the county is transformed into a haven of endless wonders perfect for couples, families and friends. A lot can be expected in Pembrokeshire holidays with all the exciting and heart thumping activities in line for every tourist.

In Tenby, a Dinosaur Park was built to entertain and feed the imaginations of Jurassic Park movie saga. The park has 22 life size dinosaur replicas that are all animated to add more life into the show. It also has a Dino’s play den which is a perfect activity area for young children. Everyone can visit Dinosaur Park from Mondays thru Sundays with varying opening and closing schedules. Another holiday destination in Tenby that you shouldn’t miss is the Caldey Island which can be reached through a short boat trip from Tenby Harbour. The island is not only rich in jaw dropping sceneries but of historical value as well. Tourists that come for a short break in Wales can go up to the lighthouse and enjoy awesome views of the Gower Peninsula, Preseli Hills and Lundy Island. Visiting Tenby for your Pembrokeshire holidays is just one of the many scenic stops the county has to offer.

Another world renowned national park in Pembrokeshire aside from its Coastal Path is the Bluestone which sits at the heart of Narberth. The park is composed of 178 cozy and fully functional timber lodges to shelter couples, families and groups of friends. A variety of pubs, convenient stores, restaurants and even a spa is just close by to provide utmost relaxation for your Pembrokeshire holidays. Another pride of Narberth is the Oakwood Theme Park that has been consistent in providing chills and thrills for any groups of tourists. Vacationers who are in for a short break in Wales can eat their heart out with over 60 exciting rides. Each year, the park averages to a whooping 400,000 happy visitors.

And of course, last but not the least is the Pembrokeshire’s true pride – the Coastal National Park. The whole coastal stretch of Pembrokeshire reaches up to 186 miles with various tourist trails and tracks to choose from. Vacationers can enjoy their Pembrokeshire holidays with a long line of magnificent sceneries as they walk through the path. Even a short break in Wales can bear a lot of memories and fun filled adventures. All you need to do is to be aware of what your holiday destination has to offer.