Vomit Phobia And Drinking at Bars Do Not Go Together

Emetophobia is a condition where an individual suffers from anxiety about vomit – in other words, it’s the fear of vomiting. It is one of the least-known phobias, but it’s estimated to be the fifth most common phobia in the world. Having this condition causes a great amount of shame to sufferers so it tends not to be talked about.
What makes emetophobia have such a strong influence on a person’s everyday life is not the fear of actual vomit itself. The biggest problems arise because emetophobics overreact to any threat or smallest signs of the possibility of vomiting or seeing vomit. Quite often this leads to the individual to need an overtly high level of control over many otherwise normal activities.
One such example is maintaining a social life when you’re emetophobic. This can present numerous difficulties and challenges for somebody who cannot stand even the slightest hint of somebody being sick or vomiting.
Keeping this in mind, what could be a harder environment for an emetophobe to be than a bar? Not a lot could be worse. The equation goes straight through an emetophobic’s head: people + alcohol = vomit.
Emetophobics hate going to bars because they just KNOW that someone, somewhere will drink too much. It’s impossible to control what others around you are doing and this is what causes a lot of anxiety to them. The person might be imagining situations where somebody fails to reach the toilet in time, or staggers into them and throws up. A bar is almost a war zone for an emetophobia – trauma waiting to happen. It simply is such a high probability place for coming in contact with vomit – or at least to emetophobics it will be.

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