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People who want to come outside the city people who want to go out. This is the portrait of infant formula industry.

Following Ternary Transformation “on sale” shortly after the eight-treasure porridge, beverage giant Wahaha, announced: preparing to enter the infant formula!

Wahaha in 2009 at the end of the 22th anniversary celebration, head of Wahaha, Zong said that Wahaha in 2010 will officially enter the infant formula market, in Sell Target sprint 10 billion yuan. He said the Lord Chancellor has commissioned OEM partners, the Netherlands imported infant milk powder.

Wahaha long fought the idea of milk powder market. Melamine Wahaha has been considered as one event on the milk into the camp of the opportunity, Wahaha has also participated in this the end of 2008 Sanlu assets The auction, but unable to do so.

“China Business” from reliable sources that, now, Wahaha milk preparation business operations have been launched. This is a just for fun type of business entertainment, or desperate to take the plunge?

Fully setting out their stalls “China Business” exclusively learned that the new name of the main Wahaha milk powder have been identified for the “Wahaha Edison infant formula milk powder.”

“To the new product will be when all items, all channels, to promote both iron cans have bags, product prices are high, medium and low grades prices are involved. One of the most high-end price and Abbott , Wyeth close. “A close source told reporters Wahaha said Wahaha no later than 2 in 2010 ~ March nationwide Distribution Issues.

Has quietly begun the preparatory work. By the end of November 2009, Hangzhou Wahaha headquarters sent salesmen and dealers have access to the main formula, hoping to win the next channel of these operators for their support.

Wang Hua (alias), a company called Hangzhou milk industry’s leading distributors, Wahaha’s clerk called him, but apparently did not win him much favor. “They are very harsh,” he thought the pricing of new products Wahaha “almost Wyeth, Abbott very” At the same time, but the dealer does not show “sufficient sincerity.”

“They want us to only do a distribution center. Remaining branding, promotion, any activities are Wahaha it yourself.” Hua Wang complains, in this cooperation model, the dealer very little autonomy their profit margin is very small.

Which is the Abbott, Wyeth milk powder and other high-end line has always taken the approach?? That strict control of distributors, let alone act as a distribution center and warehousing center. To do so for the enterprises, the introduction of new products to effectively control the rhythm, better control of the market, while avoiding the financial risk.

Wang Hua Wahaha from the outset that their position and Abbott, Wyeth considerable status, and to take a similar promotion with the former approach is not appropriate. “Abbott, Wyeth has for many years Medicine Background, brand influence out there, but a new brand from the outset, Najia Zi, dealers who are willing to buy it? “He’s not happy.

Clearly, the early stage of development of new channels is not very smooth. This allows to start thinking about more ways Wahaha. Another local dealer told reporters in Hangzhou, Wahaha is currently the main distributor and the original beverage products, and to the harbor has enabled some companies over open channels. The trust out of the old partners, Wahaha commitment to these distributors to promote new products early, you can advance some money, dealers do not have to follow strict lending policy.

When the reporter on this confirmation to the Wahaha, its single-Kai Ning spokesman declined interview requests journalists. BOLA TANGKAS