Wake Up Your Meeting!

“My brain is fried.”

“I am exhausted.”

“I can not take in yet another piece of info!”

Ever felt this way following a extended day at a convention or meeting?

Of course you have. For most folks, there comes a point when attending meetings or conferences when the brain becomes overloaded. Even if it is content material that is interesting to you, there comes a point of saturation where you simply cannot take in anything else. You are fried! You require a break.

So why do so several people feel that when it comes to meetings, trainings, and conventions that they have to pack in content, content material, content to the exclusion of anything else? We’ve all noticed it at conferences: the particular person standing at the lectern, utilizing PowerPoint, droning into the microphone: “And that concludes our evaluation of the proposed multilateral contract logistic initiatives. Now let’s discuss these multilateral initiatives as they apply to penguins.” Very good gravy.

Tv and the web have lowered the focus span of the contemporary adult. In order to remain engaged, meeting attendees want range and multi-sensory stimulation to have their mood uplifted and their concentration enhanced all through the day.

Thankfully, there are numerous meeting pros who recognize the value in offering motivation and humor in the course of their conferences and meetings.

Engage Your Attendees with Motivation and Humor

We reside in an entertainment-primarily based culture. It is not enough to simply present a “data-dump” of details and count on folks to keep tuned in. To preserve meeting attendees engaged all through the day, many seasoned meeting planners use the following formula:

Motivational or humorous speaker for morning general session to kick off the day with a bang.

Content material-rich breakout sessions in alignment with learning objectives that are led by presenters who are effectively-versed in adult learning principles.

Motivational or company humor speaker soon after lunch to reenergize attendees for the afternoon breakout sessions.

Much more content-wealthy breakout sessions in alignment with learning objectives that allow for learner application and interaction.

High power wrap-up to finish the day on a positive note.

This format energizes, motivates, and connects folks for the duration of the common sessions, so that they can refocus and reengage in important finding out all through the day. Because attendees aren’t suffering from information overload, they are much more probably to be totally present in their finding out experiences during the breakout sessions. According to Debbie Taylor, owner of Taylor Made Events and Speakers, there is fantastic worth in adding motivational humor to the common sessions of a conference: “Laughing and understanding go hand in hand. Humor holds the audience’s interest and assists them to believe creatively. It releases anxiety and creates wonderful memories. Discover a way to add humor to your meeting and you will see an improve in the bottom line.”

Construct a Optimistic Community By means of Humor

In addition to producing educational opportunities, meetings and conventions are also occasions to build neighborhood. When folks laugh collectively, they are bonded in a constructive encounter. These excellent feelings generate a constructive association with the organization in which they are members. It enables for deeper a connection amongst attendees.

Cara Tracy, CMP, meeting planner for the National Speakers Association, uses humor at their conferences all through the year. “At our meetings we like to lighten up a content-filled plan by kicking it off with humor. This raises the power level in the room and engages the audience–setting the stage for a successful learning environment. I uncover that the use of humor in meetings can truly assist unite a group–providing them inside jokes to laugh about when they get back to the office or to carry a funny incident all through the event.”

When arranging your meeting, in addition to assessing your studying objectives, also ask yourself, “What experience do I want to generate?” Then, use the general sessions as the time to produce these good experiences. Additionally, make certain that you allow ample networking time for the attendees to share their insights and laughter in order to enhance the feeling of community.

Engagement + Community=ROI

Using motivation and humor can boost attendee satisfaction. Furthermore, it can make finding out stick simply because attendees are much more alert and engaged all through the meeting. When attendees are satisfied and finding out, there is a greater possibility that an improvement in behavior and final results will stick to, therefore escalating your ROI. If your attendees are tuned out and overloaded, your ROI suffers.

A meeting without having levity is like a joke with out a punchline…it flops. But a meeting that combines educational worth with a optimistic expertise is the a single absolutely everyone will remember.
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