Walleye Bait Guidelines – Best Live Bait For Walleye Details Here!

The walleye or Pickerel for you Canadian folks , is one of the most sought after freshwater fish in North America today. These tasty fish are caught on a Variety of different walleye baits. What I want to give you today is a general set of guideline to use when you are live bait walleye fishing. These guideline can be excellent reference material when you want ot organize your next walleye fishing trip.

Guideline #1 Live Baits To Use In the Spring It is very important to understand that not all live bait for walleye works well in the spring. Foe example ribbon leaches and night crawlers are not a good choice to use in early spring. The best live bait for walleye to use is minnows. Make sure you contact a local bait dealer in the area you plan to fish to find out what type of minnows make the best bait for walleye. Do not overlook this simple tip because it could make a difference. Why take a chance? Your fishing time is very valuable so make the best of it. Here’s a list of minnows that work well for catching walleye: Golden Shinner, Spottail Shiner, Redbelly Dace or Rainbow, Horny Head Chub, or Red Tail Chub, Fathead minnow or Tuffy, or Mudminnow

Guideline #2 Live Baits To Use In the Summer As the water temperatures rise and the seasons move from spring to summer your favorite walleye bait selection will need to change too. Normally spring time is the best time of year to use minnows, but in the summer time your walleye live bait selection could be ribbon leaches or night crawlers, or in some special fishing situations some other walleye baits. Don’t skimp on your walleye baits! Make your bait s for walleye look attractive as possible. The other live baits for walleye that work well in special fishing situations are: Mudtom, or Willow cat, larva tiger salamander, or waterdog, and the leopard frog.

Guideline #3 How To Keep Walleye Live Baits Fresh Fresh and lively bait is a must when you are walleye fishing. These Fish love walleye baits that squirm and swim naturally. Regardless of the type of bait for walleye you use make sure you keep it cool. Heat will always be the main cause of your best bait for walleye dieing prematurely. There’s’ nothing worse then being out on the water and find your live baits for walleye dying. Always use a flow through minnow bucket to store your walleye minnows overnight. You can place them in the water at your dock and they will be fresh for the next day. Also place your overflow bucket in your live when you move from place to place if you have one. If you don’t have one try to limit the amount of time the bait is out of the water. When you are using a minnow bucket to store your minnows make sure you have a portable aerator in the bucket at all times. Ideally purchase a submersible pump that attaches to a 12 volt battery if you can. Pour your ribbon leaches into a Styrofoam bucket half filled with water from your fishing location (not the water facet chlorine will kill them. The leaches will last last several days if you do this. Night crawlers should be kept in commercial bedding and a damp cloth placed over the top of the container.