Wanna Go For Dieting? Make Organic Free And Gluten Free Bars, A Part Of Your Diet

Weve all seen it happen. The ball drops on New Years Eve, and the person next to you swears theyre going to lose weight in the upcoming year. It may have even been your resolution this year.

The reality is that many people actually succeed in their weight loss endeavors. They change their diet and exercise more, and before you know it, theyre actually down ten, twenty, thirty pounds or more.

As time marches on, though, the little needle on the scale starts to slowly creep back up on the scale. What happened? Why is it so hard for people who diet to actually keep the weight that theyve lost off?

A Brainy Solution

One new study suggests its all in your head.

In order to understand why people were unable to keep weight off, researchers restricted the amount of food mice were able to eat until they lost up to 15% of their body weight. Once the weight was dropped, the scientists found that the mice that had lost weight actually had higher levels of the stress hormone corticosterone.

Want another tidbit? The mice got depressed as soon as they lost the weight.


Dieting actually causes mood changes in people who successfully lose weight.

Researchers also found higher levels of the melanin-concentrating hormone, as well as the hormone known as orexin, both of which actually controlling eating behavior. Not only that, though, but after the mice regained the lost weight, the hormone levels actually stayed the way they were.

Yep. Your thoughts are right. That means that weight loss followed by weight gain may result in more pounds than you had initially.

Changing a Tough Equation

Dieting is always tricky, but who knew that losing weight could actually change your mood? Thats why most experts agree that losing weight should only be part of the goal; healthy eating should be part of that too. Our Enlightened Pumpkinseed organic bars are a great way to make healthy changes in your diet without having to worry about mood changes. After all, if all healthy eating tasted as good as these gluten free bars, its certainly something you could get used to in a hurry. BOLA TANGKAS