Want To Make A Soon-To-Be-Mom Happy? Give Her The Perfect Baby Shower Gifts

Especially with first-time mothers, a baby shower is very welcome. It is an opportunity to party with family and friends, receive baby shower gifts for both baby and mother, and show love and concern for the growing family. Indeed, baby showers are joyful celebrations of new life!

Coordination and Concern in Gift-Giving

In a baby shower, guests usually want to make the soon-to-be-mother happy. They can give her baby shower gifts like supplies and equipment that she might lack or that she cannot afford. It is thus recommended that guests coordinate with one another as to the gifts they will give to avoid unnecessary multiples.

Coordination among guests will also ensure that parents will get very important baby accessories like car seats, strollers, and changing tables. If it is possible, the party host should have a general idea of what each guest is to bring. Diapers, diaper bags, and feeding bottles are greatly appreciated, but having a roomful of them is not practical.

A mother, too, has to be given baby shower gifts. She will appreciate things meant to pamper her before and after delivery. For example, you can give gift certificates for spa and salon treatments, meals delivery, car service to take her to postnatal visits, and cleaning services. Remember that mothers deserve as much love and care as the babies they are nurturing in their wombs.

What you can Normally Give as Baby Shower Gifts

For baby supplies, you can give practical and useful things. If you are a parent, you would know about them, but if you are not, you can ask those with kids. You can give baby clothes in assorted sizes to enable wear from being an infant to a toddler; age-appropriate toys that aid baby’s development; baby books including puzzle books for the baby and parenting books for the mother; and other baby supplies.

For baby accessories, you can bring a changing table, crib, car seat, stroller, baby carrier, and baby monitors. Again, try to coordinate with other guests so that the mother does not end up with three sets of everything but no baby supplies.

For both parents, the abovementioned gift certificates will be greatly appreciated. The transition from single adulthood to parenthood can be daunting; any gift that will ease the pangs and pains of having a newborn around the house is very thoughtful.

Want Truly Unique Baby Shower Gifts?

Of course, you might want to give unique gifts that reflect the equally unique personality of the mother. You can try thinking outside the box. You can give her lingerie and other feminine things to boost her spirits. Indeed, soon-to-be mothers can sometimes feel the doldrums because of their “bigness” and awkwardness. Giving her these gifts could make her feel womanly again. Or, how about the kama sutra? Now, that would be cause for conversation.

Whatever baby shower gifts you bring to the party, just remember that the happiness of the mother and her family is paramount now. The best gift you can give them is your loving support and concern for the health of both the baby and the mother. This cannot be equaled by even the most expensive gift in the world.