Wanted – Fighters Who Want to Run With the Big Dogs

Do you have what it really takes to compete with athletes like Anderson Silva, and Matt Hughes? I had been training for years and thought I was ready to step in the ring, I’d been in mixed martial arts since I was a kid, so I knew I had what I took.

I attended a training camp, and then competed at the end of the week, and I was surprised at what they did that was so different. I made up my mind to step it up before I do that again, it made me hungry for more.

Here’s what was so different.

Kettle bells: I’d heard of these before but was not very familiar with them, what they are is a weight that is basically the size of a bowling ball or a bit smaller, that has a handle. The weight is moved all around the body for a full body work out. I only moved a thirty-five pound weight. I was embarrassed, I can curl 50 pounds, but after a half hour I was exhausted. Looking back though it was great; I began feeling stronger in just that week alone. Next we did endurance training, more weights and sparring. So that was pretty typical, but doing body weight drills, after and then running for miles, was tough, but I worked through it.

But guess what that wasn’t the hardest part?

Get this. Now I’ve been training for years, I’ve sparred, been in street fights, and have a great record to prove it 21-3. Yet, when I stepped in that ring with a trainer who works with the Ultimate Fighting Champions (UFC), I mentally felt out of my league right away.

It felt like he was thinking circles around me planning, each possible move and counter move all while staring me right in the eye, with his best poker face. I did get a few good moves in, but it felt like he let me. The counter move was so quick I couldn’t see it coming.

Warning: This is a dangerous weapon to have in your fight arsenal! If you have this you will be able to out think your opponent, thus winning more.

The secret power is all in the mind.

“Although most fighters believe that the fight is 90 percent mental and ten percent physical, they train 90 percent physical and ten percent mental. That is going to have to change as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) continues to evolve or those fighters will be left behind.” -Randy Couture, Former Ultimate Fighter Champion, Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight