Washington Attractions and Vacation Guide

Washington DC is a beautiful city. It has wide boulevards and avenues, numerous parks and open spaces, elegant colonial houses, marble monuments and impressive stately architecture. Add to this a thriving cultural scene and a cosmopolitan atmosphere and it has to be one of America’s greatest cities, and a fitting home for its President.

Now there is a huge amount to see in America’s capital city, however much of it is congregated around one central area – the National Mall and Constitution Gardens. This beautiful expanse of open space and ornate marble water features is home to the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial and Jefferson Memorial. Walking around this area is a great way to relax and it’s a picturesque picnic spot.

The area at the top of The Mall overflows with importance as it is here you will find Capitol Hill, The US Capitol Building, the White House and the Supreme Court.

Just a short walk away are the Gallery of Art, Air and Space Museum, National Natural History Museum, the Holocaust Museum, the International Spy Museum and the National Portrait Gallery. All of these are worth your buck.

The proximity of all of these major sights and attractions you would think means you can spend just a few days here, however, the museums and galleries are so extensive that you need a day to do each one.

Georgetown is up-market Washington at its best. It has grand, attractive colonial homes, boutiques and restaurants and some of the capital’s best nightlife.

The Adams-Morgan district to the north has some funky shops and ethnic stores, awesome live music venues and thanks to its diverse cultural mix has some fantastic restaurants that are far more reasonably priced than in Georgetown or central areas.

Summertime is a great time to visit Washington, particularly over the 4th of July. This is American Independence Day and the day is filled with parades, street parties and barbeques. The day is wrapped up with an immense fireworks display over Potomac River and an orchestral concert on Capitol Hill.

Jazz is also mighty popular in this city. The best places are Shaws around U Street and 14th and Blues Alley in Georgetown. These cater for a more sophisticated crowd, but if you want to dance the night away the Adams Morgan and Dupont Circle areas have some of the best clubs and bars attracting world-famous DJs and the DC party set.