Watch Your Favorite Concerts in HD

Satellite TV truly is an incredible thing. You can watch just about anything that you could ever want, from television dramas to screwball comedies from the 50s to music videos from massive stars and obscure artists alike to classic football games to modern morning talk shows. You can even watch your favorite concert videos, as they will play on channels like MTV2 and VH1 classic, that focus more on the music side of things (whereas their flagship channels now focus more on reality TV and celebrity-focused programming). So many amazing artists have recorded entire performances and released them on DVDs, and now these concert films play on your satellite TV channels for you to enjoy. This is especially fun because you get to watch them in high definition, which means that those artists who use special effects like light shows and video imaging will be even more engaging to watch. You will feel like you are right there in the concert hall, watching them live! So here are some of the best artists to watch in high definition.


1. Daft Punk


These French electronic music pioneers have taken the world by storm over the past 15 years. Their concerts are some of the greatest things that you could ever home to watch, let alone in high definition! The light shows are incredible, and create the effect of being at the biggest, most exciting party you have ever attended in your life. For fans and those who are casually interested in the band alike, Daft Punk released a concert DVD a few years ago that can be enjoyed by all. So if you are not able to catch their performance when it broadcasts on one of your hundreds of channels that come standard with your satellite package, you can always order the DVD from their website and watch it at your own convenience!


2. Madonna


Madonna has always one to create controversy. With the release of “I’m going to Tell You A Secret,” a concert movie slash documentary that also involved personal interviews and proto-“reality” TV-style footage, she did this very, very well. She talked about many intimate issues in this series, including her recent divorce from Sean Penn, which was scandalous fodder for the tabloids at the time. But controversy aside, this former University of Michigan ballerina is also one of the greatest performers of our modern age. You can watch her dance, vogue, and sing all of her early hits. It is a pleasure for casual music lovers and obsessive fans alike.


3. The Rolling Stones


Some people are amazed that these guys are still going for it, as they are all well into their 60s. Many people actually find it quite shocking that Keith Richards is still alive, especially given his well-known penchant for liquor and other elicit, health-damaging substances. But one look at a Rolling Stones concert, and you realize why they are still on tour, and how they got famous in the first place. Mick Jagger still has the energy of a young rock ‘n roller.