Water Purification – Without it You Are Inviting Parasites and Other Toxins in to Your Home

I truly don’t think that there are enough people out there that take the need for a home water purification system seriously; I hope I can change a few minds. A home water purifier is necessary because the level of pollution in our reservoir system has simply gotten out of control. You need to do something to stop it before someone in your household becomes ill.

When we first began the practice of municipal water purification, there were not nearly as many dangers to deal with as there are now. In the beginning, there was only the need for demineralization of our drinking water, and for disinfecting our water to eliminate the parasites that were causing the spread of waterborne disease. Now there is much more to worry about.

You need to purchase and install a home water purifier, because we have now reached the point where there are literally tens of thousands of toxic and carcinogenic chemical agents present in our groundwater system and reservoirs. You may think there is no need to take action yourself with the municipal water treatment facility on the job; however, the truth is that they can do nothing to protect you.

The filtering system still in use at the average water treatment facility is not designed for water purification. They are still designed simply to remove particulates from your drinking water. The porous membrane filters these facilities use are incapable of removing anything either microscopic, or of equal or lesser molecular weight than the water being filtered. This describes the majority of the contaminants in our water supply.

On top of all of the other contaminants in our water supply that warrant the immediate installation of a home water purifier, the treatment facilities themselves may be providing the one that is the biggest threat to your health. These facilities use either the chemical chlorine, or chloramine to remove disease bearing parasites from our water, and many experts feel these disinfectants are the primary reason the cancer rate has grown as it has.

Since the institution of water purification featuring chemical disinfection, the cancer rate has jumped from a modest 1 out of every 50 people, to 1 in every 2.5. The fact is that the chemical disinfectant used by your water treatment facility is the only cancer causing agent in the water that you are guaranteed to have present in each glass of water drawn from your unfiltered tap.

In order to keep this unhealthy parade of contaminants from entering your home, you need a home water purifier that features a four filter line of defense. Your system needs to have a granular activated carbon filter and a multi media block for the removal of chemicals, a sub micron filter for trapping microscopic organisms not eliminated by the chemical disinfection process, and an ion exchange for removing toxic metal traces.

You really need to take home water purification seriously, because the level of contamination entering your home is no laughing matter. Take action now, and preserve your good health. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to guarantee your water’s purity.

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