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Blinex in 1975 revolutionized the filtration business by making the very first porous plastic water filter cartridges in India. Our very first filter and each filter because, was made to take away contaminates that bring about undesirable taste, odour and discoloration in potable water from this straightforward notion of “much better tasting water”.

Water Technologies of The 21st Century !…. Filtration Coupled with Ionisation.

Our filter firm has grown and developed the Patented Countertop 7-stage Water Purifier Series, which are developed to offer Bacteriostatic-Bacteriocidal-Disinfectant Purified water. In addition to disinfection, it gives filtration for the removal of sediment and chemical contaminants. This technique is best for kitchen, wash-basin, laboratories, offices, dispensary and outside usage.

Model 100CTWB Countertop 7-stage water purifiers make use of Purification Resin to make your water microbiologically pure. NASA-U.S.A.[National Aeronautics and Space Administration] has utilized this resin technologies ever because 1981 to kill a broad range of bacteria, germs, viruses along with other dangerous micro-organism for the U.S astronauts for the duration of each space shuttle mission. This unique purification technology is primarily based on the natural phenomenon of Electrostatic Ionisation Attraction.

80% Of all ailments are brought on because of unsafe drinking water which is a single of the major well being challenges in the world these days. Several billion men and women never have access to protected drinking water and 80% of all illnesses in establishing countries are transmitted through water. Even inside key metros exactly where water is mentioned potable, water systems are unsafe and can not be drank, at least with self-confidence from taps.

Safeguard your well being from waterborne diseases even though travelling water top quality can differ from city to city within a nation, making use of a water purifier is a very first step in safeguarding oneself. In addition to waterborne pathogens, micro-organism that trigger ailments or unsanitary situations may also trigger gastrointestinal distress among travellers.

Acquiring safe drinking water can be a challenging selection for travellers and while travelling, individuals drink a lot of water, is quite essential for staying match, and significantly of the offered water is not match to drink. In establishing countries such as ours, regional mineral water bottle is suspected, the water is only as very good as the solution that goes in the bottle.

The Single Solutiond For All Your Water Issues !

Boiling unsafe water is an effective measure but it is not in any way practical.
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