Ways to a Healthier You

Every day the food and physical activity choices you make affect your health now and in the future. Make smart choices today by eating from every food group. You may be eating plenty of food, but not the right foods that give your body the nutrients you need to be healthy and maintaining a desired weight. Eating right and being physically active are not just a diet and a program – they are the keys to a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy foods that have plenty of grains, fruits and vegetables, these foods give you carbohydrates for energy plus vitamins, minerals and fiber. Your body needs nutrients like protein, fat , calcium, iron and vitamin C from a variety of foods. Balancing food choices and checking out the Nutrition Facts Panel on food labels will help you get all these nutrients. What makes a diet good or bad is how food fit together.

Physical activity and eating healthfully are important to everyone, especially pregnant and lactating women, children, teenagers and older adults. The sooner you start to a healthier lifestyle, the better the results will be for you and your family in maintaining a desired weight. Even small changes make a difference. You can reduce your risks of chronic diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. Start your day with a healthy breakfast, your body needs breakfast after a long night without food. Get moving, it is easy to fit physical activities into your daily routine, get family or friends involve, it’s much more fun. Take a brisk walk, bike or jog to visit friends. Join a sports team at the park or at school. When you’re breathing hard and sweating it helps your heart pump better, gives you more energy and help you look and feel your best. Children and teenagers should try and be active for at least sixty minutes daily. Just set realistic goals and don’t try changing too much at once.