Ways to Avoid Your Parcel Going M.I.A

Sending parcels is now more common than ever, sending a parcel to a friend or family member used to be a rare occasion such as birthdays or Christmas when you can’t give them their gifts personally. But these days many people will buy products online for themselves as well as others due to many people finding bargains and goods at cheaper prices online, these are obviously delivered through the post and so can increase the amount of parcels travelling through the system.

There are many companies that can boast quick deliveries even though there are statistically more parcels being sent every day; this is down to them being able to send their parcels via a dedicated parcel delivery service or courier. These services are regarded as more secure and efficient as they won’t have the many millions of letters, junk mail and other parcels being handled by the regular mail service. Obviously, with less of the other items to contend with your parcel will be given a higher priority whether you are receiving or sending parcels.

Sending parcels is something that more and more people are doing as people are also selling goods online as well as buying, if you want to ensure your delivery goes through as quickly and safely as possible then you may be better off sending your parcels via a courier as well.

Everyone has heard about parcels and letters getting lost or delayed significantly but by using a courier for your shipment you could avoid all of this, this is down to the detailed tracking of each and every parcel sent via a parcel delivery service. This is all done by a barcode being assigned to your parcel and this is scanned at key points throughout the delivery process such as being loaded on to a van or being checked in after it has come off a freight airliner.

A regular delivery may only be tracked by a signature at the end of the delivery and whilst it’s good that neighbours or family friends can sign for the parcel it can be confusing to an unfamiliar sender if a different name has signed for the parcel, especially when sending expensive items through the mail.

As well as making sure you use a reliable delivery agent there are steps you can take to ensure a smooth delivery process such as providing a sender’s address on your parcel, this helps if there are any problems so the parcel can be returned to you rather than having to wait and file a complaint a few weeks down the line. Making sure all labelling is clear and protected from the elements, rain water can smudge address labels so cover your labels with clear tape or affix them in a document envelope on the side of your parcel.

A lot of people will only send a parcel for important items so it is wise to ensure you send your parcels via a good quality parcel service for any deliveries you need to make.

Whether you need urgent overnight delivery or international express shipping you can find many online for an affordable price.