Ways to Go Green with your Pet

If you recycle, buy organic and use biodegradable products for you and your family, shouldn’t your pet “go green” as well? Pets can reduce just as much carbon as us. Familiarize yourself with the following ways to go green with your pet.

Clean up after your pet

Not picking up after your pet is an environmental and health hazard. Animal waste contains harmful bacteria that are capable of entering the water system through storm drains. Be sure to clean up after your animal, place it in an eco-friendly bag and dispose of it in the trash. For cats, we recommend that you purchase plant based kitty litter.

Buy organic pet products

All organic pet products are better on the environment and your pet. Collars, clothing, leashes, toys, food, and grooming products come in organic form. Visit your local pet store or research online to learn more about these different products.

Recommendation: recycle household items and turn them into toys for your pet. A piece of rope makes for great entertainment. Also, old blankets and pillows can become a new bed.

Avoid food that includes meat raised with hormones and antibiotics and food containing animal by-products.

Chemical-free pest products

Many tick and flea control products include toxic chemicals and ingredients. These ingredients include: chlorpyrifos, dichlorvous and phosmet. Try to purchase pest control solutions that only use natural ingredients.

To view different organic products for your pet, visit www.petsmart.com

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