Ways To Make Your Ex Girlfriend Miss You – How to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Miss You and Hold on to Your Pride

Ways To Make Your Ex Girlfriend Miss You

It hurts when things go south with your girlfriend and you are probably wondering how to make your girlfriend miss you and want you back. Of course, it would be a bonus if you could hold onto your pride in the process wouldn’t it? The good news is that there is a way to make her miss you without sacrificing your pride in the process.

Your first impulse might be to panic. It may feel as though your world has ended. Whether she’s told you she needs space, she wants to be friends, or she has gone for a clean break it feels as though you’ve been thrown into one of those old washing machine wringers.

You may not know which way is up and feel a desperate need to get her back now so that your life once again has direction. The feeling is natural. But you must move past the initial panic quickly and avoid doing things you might regret. Don’t panic. Breathe deeply and enhance your calm. Ways To Make Your Ex Girlfriend Miss You

Be strong. She needs a man that is going to be a rock. You need to be rock solid. You can let her know your feelings without falling apart and she needs to see you do that. More importantly though, you can give her something to think about by agreeing with the need to separate, take time off, or make a clean break of things. This will not be what she’s expecting and can give you the upper hand.

Remain positive. Your world may seem as though it has been completely upended but a positive outlook can move mountains. It’s difficult. But you have to be able to see beyond today in order to discover what tomorrow has to offer you both.

Start dating. While you want to give your relationship a proper mourning period it is a good idea to move on quickly if your goal is to figure out how to make your ex girlfriend miss you. There is no underestimating the green eyed monster. Even if she thinks she doesn’t want you, there is a part of her that isn’t going to like the idea of you finding someone else. Don’t be malicious about it and avoid a serious relationship with someone if your main goal is to make your ex girlfriend miss you. But, dating other women will get her attention quick. Ways To Make Your Ex Girlfriend Miss You