Web Accountants

Over the past thirty years of so, we have seen the dramatic growth in computer technology. This of course brings with it many problems, but on balance makes life easier. This revolution has also changed the accountancy world. With the advancement of technology accountants are now able to deliver many of their services to clients without the need to meet with them face to face. This means that it is now practical for many accountants to deal with their clients on a national or international basis.

As such many firms of accountants have developed their services so many of them can be delivered remotely online. This can be particularly beneficial to owners of businesses that spend a considerable amount of time working away from home or prefer to deal with their accounting issues at a time that suits them.

Although many accountants offer this service it is understood that most business owners, and indeed accountants, prefer to deal with matters face to face wherever possible. However, it is worth considering the potential benefits.

What are some of the benefits?

Your accountancy/tax/business affairs can be dealt with by you at a time to suit you You can choose a firm of accountants that are based in an area of the UK with relatively low overheads, keeping their fees very competitive It reduces any commuting time to see your accountant It is normally possible to meet face to face if this is required Information can be transferred instantaneously over the internet

How does it normally work?

The accountant tries to deal with most communications by email You should have a Director of your firm overseeing their service to you, who you will be able to contact by telephone The quality of the accountant’s advice should remains at the standard at which services are normally delivered.

You may wish to consider keeping your accounting records online

There are now a number of electronic book-keeping packages that are accessed over the internet. As such, you would be able to login to your accounting software package at anytime and anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection. The use of such packages is rapidly expanding. With many of these packages, it is also possible for your accountant to login to your data to give you remote assistance or business advice. Another advantage is that, as your data is normally stored remotely and backed up, there are less concerns over backing up your files.

If your business is based in an expensive area of the UK then it may be worth considering using an accountant in South Wales, where the professional fees may be cheaper and the service may remain unchanged.

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