Webcherries Starts Facebook Welcome Page, for Tips, Videos and Special Offers

Due to monumental success of Facebook over the past few years, Webcherries.com has developed an entire Welcome to Facbook section, where we post Facebook news, updates, tips, videos, and special offers.

Facebook continues its impressive climb after reaching over a half a billion users in the middle of 2010, setting the stage for Facebooks unparalleled success.
As the new year begins in 201,1 Facebook has now become the most heavily visited website on the Internet, joining the likes of Google and Yahoo as the Internets top websites.

The appeal of Facebook is obvious as it allows you to share your life and connect with your friends, family, and acquaintances is so many different ways.
In this day and age, staying connected with your loved ones, including all your friends and family, has become a top priority around the globe, and Facebook clearly has been the leader in helping us stay in touch and connect with each other.

By posting your favorite comments, videos, and links, and photos on your personal wall, not only do your friends see your status updates but your wall posts are also automatically printed on your friends’ feed pages, as well.
This is a great way for you to be able to keep up to date on the happening of all your friends and family.

As Facebook continues to grow, many other features are being added to an already robust catalog of features. Now with Facebook Chat, Facebook Places, Facebook Ads, and Facebook Fan Pages, there is a full suite of activities that you can become apart of when you join Facebook.

All of these ways to interact are becoming more and more popular as Facebook continues to cater to an ever growing number of Facebookers from around the world.
Not only have individuals been able to blossom using Facebook, business have also been able to take advantage of the many business tools that Facebook has to offer, in order to use Facebook as an ideal environment for a marketing platform.
With the introduction of Facebook Ads and Facebook Deals, business are now able to have a bigger and more influential impact on all the users on Facebook, when it comes to advertising and promotions.

Also instrumental in a good Facebook marketing campaign, has bee the use of Facebook Fan Pages, which allow business to monetize and run promotions on these almost identical look a like Facebook Pages.
There were many very successful campaigns run in 2010 using these methods, and in 2011 we will defiantly see more and more business improve upon and take advantage of these various methods.

Another significant evolution from Facebook has been the success of Social Gaming.
The big winner in the Social Gaming department for 2010 is a well known game called Farmville.

With 2010 now behind us, the beginning of 2011 marks the rise of the newest and most popular Social Networking phenomenon, Cityville.

This success of these social games on Facebook, clearly lays the foundation for much innovation and exploration in Social Gaming in the years ahead.
As we can see, Facebook has defiantly become a significant multimedia platform and everyone is expecting to Facebook to flourish well into the future.

Facebook continues its success in the year 2011. http://www.webcherries.com/welcometofacebook