Website Design: Using The Face In Images

When constructing a website, you may want to use images to draw attention to your brand. Using a person’s face may be one way to draw attention or convey an idea, yet, using this method can be tricky as a person’s face may become the centre of the viewer’s attention, over an image that compliments the content, or it may not simply always convey the same idea person to person. To use a face correctly in conjunction with your content and imagery is not impossible, and can be done, yet it requires effort and a little creativity.

An image can over power a page, leading to viewers missing calls to action or being distracted by the image and not being able to respond immediately. As humans, a face attracts us immediately. We feel compelled to look at it, thus for most websites a face becomes a distraction from the content.

As you can see faces can become too overpowering quite easily, and can in turn detract from the original effect you wished to create. There are a few tricks to solve the problem of the ‘overpowering face’, which enable you to have person centred images that are in harmony with the rest of your website.

(1) Use the image with the call to action. If you have an image, next to or pointing towards the call to action, this will call attention to the action and the image, rather than just the image.

(2) Framing the person inside a frame, will also cause the image not to over power the rest of the website. A frame will distance the viewer from the image, in turn making the viewer focus their attention on the greater whole of the page.

(3) Avoid looking straight ahead shots as they not only can give off the wrong feelings they also distract the viewer. We always immediately look at eyes to discover who the person is and their intentions, thus staring eyes can be very distracting to the viewer.

It’s not only vital how you use the image, but who you use in it. Always ask yourself a few questions before you proceed with using an image, including:

– Is the image representative of your target audience?

– Or is the image representative of your company? Or both?

– Is it in line with equality and diversity?

– These questions are important to answer, as they will enable to create an image that you feel is right for the website and the company’s image.

By thinking carefully about the type of face(s) you are going to use, photo style, facial expressions and where you are going to place them on the website, you can create a facial image that compliments your website rather than over powers it.

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