Weddings In Rome With 4 Ceremonies

Rome it is so unique and incredible because it offers the best you can desire for a perfect Italian wedding. An incredible selection of Roman Catholic churches,ancient town halls immersed in historical areas, Protestant churches, Jewish synagogues, Orthodox churches are available for you to choose.
With this article we want to explain you 4 kind of ceremonies you can choose to get married in Rome.

1. Civil Wedding
For your civil wedding in Rome you can choose among very ancient venues located in the historical heart of the city: The Campidoglio located on the Capitoline Hill close to the Colosseum and Roman Forum, Caracalla located close to the ruins of the Bath od Caracalla, Villa Lais charming Villa situated in the surroundings of Rome.
Each year many couples from all over the world get married in our capital, so you may expect that civil ceremonies are celebrated quite brief though picturesque.

2. Catholic Wedding in Rome
With a catholic wedding in Rome you have the possibility to have Roman catholic rite in one of the most important churches of Italy: S.Maria in Trastevere the most ancient church of Rome, church of Ara Coeli located near the Campidoglio, Colosseum and Roman Forum, church of S.Francesca Romana which incorporates part of the Temple of Venus and Rome. Much more other historical churches are available in the heart of Rome.

3. St. Peter’s & Vatican Wedding
The Vatican city will make you feel the embracement of Christ and the Catholic Faith.
Inside Vatican city you can choose between the Choir Chapel into the well-known St.Peter Basilica and the church of St. Anna, known also as the Parish church of the Vatican.
This Church is also famous for being a masterpiece among Vignola’s buildings on an elliptic plan with a dome over it.

4. Symbolic Wedding in Rome
If you are planning a symbolic wedding ceremony, then you may consider an antique Baroque Palazzo located in the heart of town or a Panoramic terrace overlooking Spanish steps if you are planning a small and intimate ceremony or a 17th century Palatial Villa with frescoed halls in the Rome surrounding or even an impressive Medieval Castle to feel like royalty for a day.

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