WeFeast.com Offer Savings Upward To 90% on Philly?s Foods & Beverages For Every one!

WeFeast.com launched this November in its birth place of Philadelphia, PA. A fresh sort of online/offline experience, WeFeast.com is actually a social network designed for dining and entertainment in each major city. WeFeast covers three main things: Discover, Motivate, and Organize, by making you informed about venues, enticing you to definitely visit these venues, and letting you set up events with friends at these venues. Use Promo Code NBC10 when registering to WeFeast.com for the $ 10 Instant Credit! WeFeast.com features cool restaurants, bars, lounges, and clubs everywhere in the city, introducing one to venues you may have never learned about and reuniting you with favorites maybe you have neglected. WeFeast’s WeVite feature permits you to organize your friends for a discounted particular date, or to setup a meeting and meet other WeFeast users. Using the collective buying enterprize model, WeFeast provides an unbeatable daily deal to try out these places you’ve discovered and rediscovered. The best part? WeFeast enables you to make use of the Feast instantly! Yes, we said INSTANTLY! (provided that the minimum number of purchases has been met, needless to say). Eliminate waiting 24 hours like those other clowns, we mean clones. How is WeFeast not another clone you ask? Well, while the business design is comparable, WeFeast is specific for the eating and drinking industry; i.e. no yoga, no spas, and no skydiving offers as part of your Inbox every morning. The Feast features a 60 second video of every venue, permitting you to check out the atmosphere and clientele before making your decision. You can look over other WeFeast members’ ratings of the venue, contribute your own personal ratings, and… You have a WeFeast Member Rewards card! Yes, a Feast Card! No more pulling out crumpled paper coupons! WeFeast.com permits you to purchase your Feast on the internet and walk into the venue and redeem that Feast instantly using your Feast Card. So you will save up to 90% on all those first dates and business conferences without looking like a cheapo. The Feast Card will also provide you with up to 25% off at WeFeast venues round the city for up to a year! WeFeast.com will be creating exactly the same service at every major metropolitan area in the country, but Philly gets first dibs. “I’m very excited to do this venture in Philadelphia. It’s my home town and contains some of the best dining and entertainment in the united states!” says Avi Shenkar, founder of WeFeast.com. Creator Avi Shenkar is a lifelong Philly resident and drink and food fan. “I drink 3 times per day and in most cases dine a few times a week or on the weekend,” says Avi. “I wished to create a thing that answers the questions: Where will we eat? Exactly what do we do tonight? and Who do we do it with?” Avi explains.

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