Weight Gain – It Can Be Avoided

We live in a world today that has many temptations in all aspects of our lives. It is easy to give into many of these temptations and very hard to avoid them, especially when it comes to what we eat. Food today can be a minefield, we can easily be eating foods that are not good for our overall health and well being.

We all tend to get caught up in very busy lifestyles, whether it be our career or our family. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything we need or want to get done. This can cause parts of our life to suffer, we tend to eat convenient quick easy food or fast food to save time in our schedules, we also sacrifice exercise to keep up with our constantly demanding lifestyles.

The result is that we do not get the right nutrients from these foods that our bodies need, we also do not get the amount of exercise that we need to maintain a healthy body weight. These two things combined in our lifestyles means that we are at risk of gaining weight very easily. If we do not start to eat the right foods and do some much needed exercise then our bodies will suffer.

When people become over weight they then decide to go on a diet and most of the time these diets deprive our bodies of even more of the nutrients that they already crave, we also cut out foods that we enjoy and all this does is put pressure on us mentally. The outcome is that we can’t keep up the diet for long and then go back to the foods we are craving, often we will binge on them and the result is that we put back on the little weight we had lost in the first place.

There is a sensible way to loose excess weight and then maintain a healthy body weight and it starts with properly planning our lifestyle. In our plan we need to incorporate some exercise and some proper healthy food. This does not mean you have to train to for the Olympics, you would be surprised how easy it is to keep a fit and healthy body through exercise without having to train like an athlete. Also you don’t have to give up on foods you do like or treats like chocolate or candy, you just have to balance those with some good wholesome food.

The biggest reason why people do not eat the right foods as part of their complete diet and the reason for not exercising is as I have already said, they are to busy not enough time. That is an excuse that if thought about honestly is a bit of a cop out, everyone can plan their time to fit in exercise and good food if they truly want to, so there is no real legitimate excuse.