Weight Loss Foods – 4 Simple Steps to Create a Perfectly Healthy Diet Burger Meal

Burgers are fast-food. Fast food is unhealthy. So, no more burgers now that you want to lose weight!

Not quite. It’s not the burger that is unhealthy, it’s the way it’s made and what you eat with it. The fried chips, the mayonnaise, the large coke… That’s where your calories come from. But once you understood the principles of healthy eating, you will be easily able to make almost any recipe and meal healthier. And burgers are no exception.

Let me show you 4 simple steps how to create a burger meal that perfectly fits into your diet and still tastes great:

Reduce calories
Upgrade carbohydrates
Add vitamins
Modify portion sizes

1. Reduce calories

If you consider a burger meal, there are plenty of ways how you can cut down on calories, especially if you make it yourself:

Use lean minced meat for the patty.
Bake the patties in the oven, then you don’t need extra fat.
Get oven-baked chips instead of fries.
Buy low-fat cheese and fat reduced mayonnaise.
Replace the coke by a low-calorie drink or water, or have a small coke plus a glass of water instead of a large coke.

But careful: Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can eat more because it’s low-fat! Stick with the same amount you used before, then only you will have less calories.

2. Upgrade carbohydrates

Normally, burgers come with white bread. Choose brown bread instead which is higher in complex carbohydrates. These are released slower and steadier into the blood stream, with the effect of giving you energy for a longer time. Because of the higher fiber content, brown bread will also fill you better and quicker and prevent you from overeating.

3. Add vitamins

Vegetables are an excellent way of filling you without many calories. Why not make use of it?

Put some thick slices of tomato or cucumber on your burger, and some lettuce. Make sure they are as fresh as possible to guarantee a maximum of vitamins.
If you don’t like it on your burger, serve grilled vegetables or a mixed salad along with it.
Careful: Don’t load these healthy foods with calories by adding a cream dressing or frying the veggies! Use vinegar and olive oil dressing or low-fat yoghurt for the salad.

4. Modify portion sizes

Be honest: You don’t really need a double cheese burger, a large portion of chips and a large coke. You’re actually full after half of it and the rest you just eat because. So, listen to your body! Cut it to a normal burger, a side plate of salad, a small portion of chips and a standard size drink. Then enjoy every bite of it.

You will have noticed the principle behind these four simple steps: Take calories away, not food or taste. When following these steps, your burger meal will be as low in fat as possible (nobody expects you to live fat free, you just need to reduce calories!), it will contain lots of healthy nutrients by including nearly all food groups, it will taste great and certainly not leave you hungry. What more could you possibly want?