Weight Loss From a Negative Calorie Diet – What is a Fibrous Complex Carbohydrate?

While there is no one food that does not contain any calorie at all, there are, however, foods that are so low in energy source and are so hard to process that processing them alone can consume more energy than what they can actually share with the body. In other words, the digestive system has to work double, even triple time to extract the nutrients and energy in these foods that it tends to burn more of its own calories than what the food contains. The more you eat, therefore, the higher is your tendency to lose weight. These are the negative calorie foods.

The negative calorie diet relies on these types of food to trigger weight loss. Normally, foods that are high in fibrous complex carbohydrates – typically green vegetables qualify for this diet.

Take for instance broccoli. 100 grams of broccoli contains merely 25 calories but in order for the body to process it, it has to expend 80 calories. In the process, you achieve a loss of 55 calories by ingesting broccoli alone.

In general, foods that are high in fibrous complex carbohydrates – or green vegetables – fall under the category of these foods. They are very low on energy yet they are generous in complex fibers, which are effective in triggering satiation.

There are many variations to this diet; all follow the basic principle of relying on this type of food to trigger natural weight loss. Though these forms of dieting are quite sensible as they rely on healthy stuff such as fruits and vegetables, these are hardly nutritious in and of themselves because while being healthy, they lack nutrients that are available only from other food groups. The solution, therefore, is to combine this diet with other types of weight loss solutions to achieve a considerable and sustainable loss of weight.