Weight Loss From Vinegar an Ancient Remedy

Vinegar is an ancient remedy which is gaining new found popularity for its weight loss properties.  There is a mounting body of anecdotal evidence coming on the heels of the Grapefruit and Lemon juice phenomena in dieting and weight loss circles.  There is also growing evidence that fruit juices of many kind have a spoiling effect in the absorption of chemicals and fats. 

Wine too is hitting health circles as being good in moderation.  Acids are the common link between fruits and Vinegar. Vinegar is only after all spoiled wine or fermented fruit. It is however Vinegar which has been given the top spot for its complete domination of the super good for you dietary supplement.  It seems that anecdotal evidence puts Vinegar in the forefront for its fat fighting efficiency.  But not just any vinegar.  It is unpasteurized unfiltered apple cider Vinegar that is at the top of the tree.  My own experience with this wonder liquid is one that I would share with you.

Two years ago my weight was 15 and a half stones. I am six foot tall and at the time had a spare tyre around my middle and I could certainly grab a handful of fat. I did not consider myself particularly overweight.  My mother happened to see the Doctor for feeling tired all the time and after blood tests was told that she had a Thyroid problem.  The Doctor also said that the blood tests revealed that she had extremely high Cholesterol levels and that this was often an hereditary condition which could be passed to other family members.  I agreed to have my Cholesterol level taken and I was dangerously high. 

Seven point five as opposed to the recommended safe level of 4.5 here in the UK.  I was gobsmacked as I was now x percent more likely to die from heart attack so many percent more likely to suffer from strokes coronary etc.  I had to seriously look at my diet said the Doctor.  Well my diet was not good.  I liked fried food on a regular basis and ate all the fatty starchy foods that we all crave.  The problem was I did not feel able to compromise.  I did not want to take medication either due to associated short term memory loss.  I happened to come across an article that stated that cholesterol levels could be affected by Vinegar and started to research the topic.  I found that Apple Cider Vinegar was being touted as some sort of a cure all and in a skeptical frame of mind tried it.

I took a table spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar between meals in a glass of water three times a day.  I did not change any other aspect of my diet at this time.  I hoped rather than expected a difference when I next went for a blood test.  Sure enough the fateful day arrived and I was tested and weighed.  What the Doctor said nearly blew my mind.  I had lost one and a half stones in weight and my fasting blood sugar was down to 4.5 the national safe limit!  The Doctor asked how my diet was going and I said “What Diet”!.

Since this time my curiosity about Vinegar has led me to research it further and I would like to list all its associated health benefits.  Unfortunately you have not got the time to read it all and I don’t have the time to write them all down but to name just a few claims made for this extraordinary liquid a short list of health benefits which is by no means exhaustive.  Obesity, Cholesterol Hemorrhoids, Piles, Sore Throat, Hangovers, Gallstones, stress, heart disease,external injury,nail fungus and the list goes on and on.  Some of the preparations are for external poultices and some for internal.  I hope that you found this article useful.  I would be happy for you to share it around or reprint it, but please leave my links intact.  I do however caution you that the above was my experience and I do not make any health claims in relation to any other individual.  If you are overweight or suspect high Cholesterol I advise that you see a Doctor.

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