Weight Loss – How Did I Really Gain This Weight and What Do I Do Now to Lose It

Studies reveal that a large percentage of Americans are overweight and due to this, weight loss has become an industry in itself. How do people learn to make healthy choices in a society plagued with fast foods and artificial foods that are consumed daily?

Excessive weight is mostly a direct result of your lifestyle. Most Americans survive on junk food these days. The obvious result is that you gain weight because you eat more than what is really necessary. However, it pays to find the reasons why we eat in excess in the first place.


Appathy towards physical activity and workouts is one of the main reasons why you may be gaining weight. If you are emotionally weak, you body tries to avoid pain and seeks comfort. Binging on food, espcially sugar and fast foods, is the most common way in which your body tries to make the pain more bearable.

Also, American culture revolves largely around fast food, which is extremely unhealthy and difficult to digest. It stays in the body in the form of fat without being utilized, thus causing increase in your weight.

What You Can Do:

A good weight loss plan revolves around regular physical activities and a healthy and balanced diet. People who want to lose weight face two primary problems. Firstly, many people fail to follow through their entire program, due to which they are not able to complete all the processes. Secondly, people who do manage to lose some weight find it difficult to maintain it. Learning how to keep making those healthy choices so not to gain it back is a challange.

A four-point plan:

There are four major steps that you should take to ensure healthy weight loss without side effects:

• Physical activity: Regular light exercise is the first step towards losing weight because it is helps to burn the excess fat in the body. You can start with just 15 minutes of walking daily and gradually extending it to 30 minutes. Other beneficial exercises include jogging, cycling, swimming, tennis, yoga etc.

• Nutrition: Make healthy choices when it comes to food. You must take care to include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially green vegetables and also whole grains as opposed to refined grains. Low fat milk is also very healthy when taken in appropriate amounts.

• Water: At least 8 glasses of water per day flushes out the toxins that obstruct burning of excessive fat from your body and also keep you hydrated all day, thus helping weight loss.

• Rest: You need adequate rest after excersing or after a hard day’s work so that your body has time to work on your body muscles.

It is always better to avoid rapid weight loss plans as they have many side effects. The most notable of them is that you skin may not be able to adapt to such a rapid change in your weight and it will cause problems. However, it is clear that healthy choices in living is achieved by having the right kind of food and not less food as is the popular perception.