Weird wacky and strange scholarships

Is there anybody going to a weird college? Exactly what kind of a question is that, it’s one that comes from reading about incorrect names of scholarship and financial aid awards. Some people use politically incorrect terminology to label scholarships. You may read about or hear the terms wacky scholarships, weird scholarships or unusual scholarships all of which I’d prefer to refer to as non-popular scholarships. I think it is unfair to label a scholarship as weird or wacky simply because if you label the award, then essentially you are labeling it’s recipients.

Weird Scholarship names

There is a new approach to labeling students who are learning disabled. That approach is called using “person first” language. Meaning you say the person first and then you say the disability. You don’t say for example “handicapped person”. Do you see where I am going with this? The same goes for scholarships you don’t say a scholarship for a strange person rather you say a an uncommon or a non popular scholarship but you don’t use terminology that is disparaging to the recipient.

Wacky scholarships have a bad rep

The problems with using these bad labels for scholarships is that not only are they disparaging or belitting but they are also discouraging. I wouldn’t want to apply for a scholarship that was labeled weird. I would think that the criteria would consist of me having a weird personality or characteristics. I would almost feel like an outcast. And I am sure many students looking for scholarships are taking the same approach. I mean I see it all the time websites claiming that there are a lot of weird and wacky scholarships going unclaimed. If this is true obviously it’s because people are discouraged and don’t feel that they should apply for these types of awards.

Why are scholarships called strange?

Why do scholarships have to be referred to as strange? Actually they don’t, this is a false label that is used in advertisements. It can be really offensive to the majority of students who are looking for college scholarships. I can promise you when you use scholarship searches they don’t send you information that says “Apply here for this strange scholarship.”