Well Water Filter – You Think it Will Free You of Contaminants, But Will It?

An effective well water filter can cost $ 4000, $ 5000, $ 6000 or more. You really need to have testing conducted before you buy well water filters. If you don’t know what contaminants you are faced with, you won’t know what steps are necessary to remove them.

Groundwater is sometimes very clean. Deeper wells may be free of bacteria and chemical contaminants that are so prevalent in surface water. The waters from shallow wells typically contain the same contaminants that are present in the surrounding rivers and streams. Those who live near the coast often find that sand and salt are a problem. It is possible to find a well water filter to meet any of those demands. But, why pay for something that you don’t need?

One of the best well water filters that I have seen is called the “Well-Guru”. My only problem with the system is that chlorination is used to kill bacteria. If you need to use chlorine to kill bacteria, then you have a couple of important things to consider. One is how to remove the chemical. The other is how to remove its byproducts.

Those of us who are serviced by a public treatment facility have had to deal with chlorine taste and odor for years. With granular carbon, you can improve the taste and smell, making it more pleasant to drink. So, if your well water filters require the addition of chlorine, a filter on your kitchen tap will make it more “drinkable”.

Granular carbon is great, but it doesn’t remove chlorination byproducts, commonly referred to as THMs. THM exposure greatly increases your risk of cancer. Don’t believe me? Look up trihalomethanes and cancer at Pub-Med. It’s an on-line resource for publishing scientific studies. You’ll find literally dozens to choose from.

Sometimes the results are contradictory, which is always the case in scientific studies; that’s why you get so much conflicting information. But, not one of them denies the fact that THM consumption is a big health threat. Consequently, even if you have the most effective well water filter, you still need a multi-stage unit for your kitchen tap.

Why not just rely on your well water filters for everything else and drink bottled water? THMs have been found in those bottles. Hundreds of different lots and brands have been tested.

If you do buy bottled water, Dasani, Aquafina and Pure-life are not the best choices, because they use local sources. Spring-water from somewhere out in the country is a better choice, but it is still not as clean as what you can do with a kitchen purifier.

As I mentioned earlier, you need to have regular testing done, even after you install a well water filter. Testing can be expensive. Consult your local county’s governmental offices concerning the common contaminants in your area. That way, you’ll know what to test for.

The subject of well water filters can be very confusing. Hopefully, the information here will help you find an effective well water filter. Just remember to shop with care and to cover all bases, look in to shower and drinking water filters while you’re at it.